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tide pools
Harris Beach State Park
Gooseneck barnacles

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Gooseneck Barnacles at Harris Beach State Park (+5 insets)

Gooseneck Barnacles at Harris Beach State Park (+5 insets)
(+5 insets) (Please view large!) (Please scroll down to "Today's Image" for photo info)

Notes Written During our Trip: Houston, We Have a Problem!!
Whenever you go on an adventure, it's best to go with the understanding that things are bound to go wrong at some point. After all, how can you possibly be prepared for stuff you aren't even aware of? We've learned that taking care of problems as they arise without getting freaked out is the best policy and this has made our lives so much happier when we're out on the road.

Case in Point: Um, the TV Isn't Supposed to Look Like That…
Every night, Steve and I curl up in bed with Pumpkin and watch an episode of a tv show or part of a movie. Pumpkin gets a chance to settle down, preen her feathers and cuddle with us before we tuck her into her sleeping tent.

On our first night away from home at lovely Harris Beach, I was getting things put away in the kitchen when I heard Steve call from his bedroom, "Janet, we have a problem."

I walked back to find out what was going on and he pointed at our tv screen on the wall. What I saw made me cringe. Instead of having a lovely image to look at, abstract rays of lines criss-crossed the screen, originating from a single impact point. Somehow in the midst of one of Steve's many projects around the trailer he must have smacked the screen with something pointed.

We stared at the screen for a moment with rather amazed expressions on our faces. Just to put an obvious point on the situation, one of us said, "Well, that tv is toast."

Thankfully, televisions don't cost much these days so it wouldn't be expensive to replace. The bigger problem was getting our hands on a new one. Given our location, this presented an issue because we were hours from a Costco (big warehouse store) or any place that might carry a tv that didn't break the bank.

If you're thinking, "Big deal, just read a book!", that wasn't an option. Our nightly routine with Pumpkin is set in stone and something we can't just not do--she would never understand!

For the time-being, setting up a laptop on the bed between us would suffice, so that's what we did. To our great relief, it worked out fine! Pumpkin was able to do her nightly preening and cuddling with us before settling down for bed, and we were able to watch a show like we normally do.

An Unfortunate Situation Met with a Great Attitude!
Before we watched our show though, we did some research online. We wondered how far Steve would have to go to find a store with a proper tv. Unfortunately, we determined with groans of unhappiness, that it would require a 2.5 hour drive all the way back to Medford. There just wasn't enough need for big stores that carried appliances on the Oregon coast. BUMMER.

Instead of getting upset about this unforeseen catastrophe, Steve was good with it. Problems are bound to come up and the drive back is beautiful. Plus, if there were any items we forgot at home, he would swing by and pick them up. All good. What a trooper.

The next day Steve departed after breakfast, leaving me at the trailer to hang out and be with Pumpkin. Calling with updates, I learned the drive was sunny and beautiful. Later, he arrived at Costco and found a very nice replacement for our tv that was the same size and cost less than the one we had! How nice that electronics prices are so much better these days--I still remember paying $800 for my first 30-inch television (more than twice the price of our new huge wall-mounted tv)!

It was also nice that he could stop by the house because we'd forgotten our griddle (pancakes!!!) and a few other things. We could have lived without them but now we didn't have to…yay!

It would be nearly 6pm before Steve pulled up at the trailer and he was absolutely done for after his adventure. Before we had dinner, Steve had the tv set up and it was perfect. Hooray! It's safe to say that we got to bed extra early and Steve slept in late the next morning!

Today's Picture
This is my second set of tide pool pictures and today's main image shows a cluster of goose-necked barnacles, retracted at low tide When the tide comes in they extend their long "goose neck" stalks which help them reach more food. Aren't they bizarre-looking?! I was really happy when I found this photogenic group. The angle and position was just right to get some background bokeh along with crisp details of these crazy barnacles! Did you know they are edible? In fact, these extremely expensive crustaceans are supposed to taste like a cross between lobsters and clams…YUMM!!

Today's Insets
I have some other neat pictures to share today, naturally!
There's a really interesting translucent seaweed macro that almost looks like some strange creature.
A cluster of Bay Mussels sitting on a rock encrusted with barnacles
A pair of starfish in tones of red and purple.
A marvelous still life featuring anemones, whelks, barnacles, limpets and a bit of kelp.
Finally, another view of this incredible tidal zone, brimming with life and at the lowest tidal point.

Thank You For Stopping By!
It's wonderful to read your comments and find out what you liked the most. I am very touched and humbled because I find your photography so incredible! What fun to explore the world through each other's photos, to see through your eyes and to learn so many things we didn't know about. I hope your weekend has been wonderful! Enjoy the day/night/morning! :)

Explored on 11/13/21; highest placement #2.

Ulrich John, David Michael, ©UdoSm, tiabunna and 48 other people have particularly liked this photo

43 comments - The latest ones
cammino club
I have found these goose barnacles again and again on rocks in the Atlantic and the North Sea. You have composed a beautiful picture with them. I didn't know that these crustaceans are so tasty. I have never seen a dish in a restaurant in Germany.
2 weeks ago.
 Peter Castell
Peter Castell club
A fascinating collection of marine life Janet
2 weeks ago.
 Stephan Fey
Stephan Fey club
An outstanding series, Janet. You really put a lot of effort in your explanation!
2 weeks ago.
 Günter Klaus
Günter Klaus club
.....wow liebe Janet,ist das wieder schön.es ist schön,dass ich das an deinen schönen Aufnahmen bewundern kann,da sind dir wieder richtig schöne Nahaufnahmen gelungen,bin immer begeistert,du hast auch ein sehr gutes Auge für dein Motive:))

.........wünsche noch ein schönes Wochenende,ganz liebe Grüße Güni:))
2 weeks ago.
uwschu club
Wow, wie großartig. Seepocken habe ich noch nie, so schön, gesehen, geschweige denn fotografiert.
Muss gerade über euer Problem schmunzeln :-). Brauch man einen TV im Urlaub? Wahrscheinlich ja, mir würde er gewiss fehlen.
Schönen Abend, Janet
2 weeks ago.
 Andy Rodker
Andy Rodker club
A nice shot of these tasty 'percebes'!
(it's the Spanish name for these expensive delicacies).
2 weeks ago. Edited 2 weeks ago.
 Ronald Losure
Ronald Losure club
Wow, this set of photos is so alien to this Earthling. The seashore is so amazing and beautiful. Glad Pumpkin could watch her TV.
2 weeks ago.
Wilfried club
wunderschöne Serie Janet
2 weeks ago.
 Boarischa Krautmo
Boarischa Krautmo club
wonderful series!
2 weeks ago.
Heide club
At first I thought it was the beaks of little birds.
Very nice and interesting shots, Janet
2 weeks ago.
 Dominique 60
Dominique 60 club
superbe serie janet !!
2 weeks ago.
 Jenny McIntyre
Jenny McIntyre club
Some gorgeous shots here, Janet. I think rock pools are absolutely fascinating and no two pools are the same. I think your macros of the limpets and mussels are simply stunning.

Good thing Steve didn't mind driving all that way to get a new tv, and luckily it was close to your home and not the opposite direction. I remember paying over £900 for a tv and video about 25 years ago - it was a 25" NICAM stereo - nowadays you wouldn't pay anything like that, and money is worth a lot more nowadays than then. It weighed a ton too - nothing like our flat screen ones do now!!!
2 weeks ago.
 Dave C
Dave C club
A stunning macro.
2 weeks ago.
niraK68 club
noch so ein wunderbarer Blick ins Detail der Unterwasserwelt.
2 weeks ago.
 William Sutherland
William Sutherland club
Remarkable "sea" shots! Stay well!

Admired in: www.ipernity.com/group/tolerance
2 weeks ago.
Dinesh club
Such a great image.....

One should have studied Biology, -- Invertebrates in particular to give the ID!!

Did Darwin ever say this?
2 weeks ago.
Dinesh club
PS What is that first PIP.

And they say there is purpose in every life!!
2 weeks ago.
PascalL club
belle série, bon dimanche
2 weeks ago.
 Eunice Perkins
Eunice Perkins club
Those gooseneck barnacles are fascinating and well named. What a lovely place to explore for photographic gems. I love the rocky beach.
2 weeks ago.
neira-Dan club
WOW une prise géniale !!
2 weeks ago.
cp_u club
Ich hatte vor vielen Jahren das Glück, solche Seepocken mal auf einem Teller mit gemischten Meeresfrüchten zu finden. Sie sehen erst einmal gruselig aus und schmecken dann fantstisch.
Ein tolles Bild, eine tolle Story, dear Janet!
2 weeks ago.
 Jocelyne Villoing
Jocelyne Villoing club
Très belle image, comme des oiseaux dans leur nid douillet, une très belle série aussi !++++
Bon dimanche Janet.
2 weeks ago.
 Jaap van 't Veen
Jaap van 't Veen club
That's a real stunning image Janet !!
Enjoy your Sunday.
2 weeks ago.
 Pam J
Pam J club
2 weeks ago.
 Patrick Brandy
Patrick Brandy club
Magnifique en gros plan c'est une très belle photo agréable dimanche
2 weeks ago.
 Patrick Brandy
Patrick Brandy club
Magnifique en gros plan c'est une très belle photo agréable dimanche
2 weeks ago.
 Soeradjoen (very limited time)
Soeradjoen (very lim… club
Fantastic series Janet and a great explanation.
Have a nice sunday
2 weeks ago.
vero club
une série extraordinaires de tous ces crustacés, des photos magnifiques , et j'ai beaucoup aimé votre aventure qui se termine très bien quant à la Télé, merçi pour toutes tes explications, enrichissantes Bon dimanche à vous trois bisous ,
2 weeks ago.
 Keith Burton
Keith Burton club
Another wonderful series Janet.............and as always a fascinating narrative to accompany them. I particularly enjoyed reading about the TV and Pumpkin. Good job Steve :-)

I love your main image...........the barnacles are amazingly photogenic. Who would have thought? Spot on focus and depth of field.

I enjoyed looking at all the PiPs too............the starfish in particular are gorgeous!

The entire series is full of awesome detail and extraordinary textures and shapes. Beautiful work!
2 weeks ago.
Annemarie club
2 weeks ago.
Esther club
These were absolutely fascinating, especially the gooseneck barnicles. What an adventure you are having.
2 weeks ago.
micritter club
More fantastic photos! Incredibly good. And, fortunately, your problem was not as bad as I had thought before reading your interesting (even though rather unfortunate) story.
2 weeks ago.
 @ngélique ♥
@ngélique ♥ club
superbe prise mon amie ***************belle soirée
2 weeks ago.
 Roger (Grisly)
Roger (Grisly) club
Wonderful detail in superb set of images Janet, they are fascinating creatures.
2 weeks ago.
Ruesterstaude club
Eine wirklich interessante und schöne Serie, Janet! Von Schwanenhals-Muscheln habe ich noch nie etwas gehört, geschweige denn diese gesehen. Danke fürs Zeigen!
2 weeks ago.
 Don Sutherland
Don Sutherland club
Remarkable photo.
2 weeks ago.
 Annalia S.
Annalia S. club
Loved your story, Janet. And the goose neck barnacles are amazing! they look like antique jewellery ... or maybe like creatures from another planet. And why not ... the sea world is, in a sense. a world of its own. I enjoyed all of your pips, as well, so many little treasures at the water edge!
2 weeks ago.
 Helena Ferreira
Helena Ferreira club
2 weeks ago.
 Citoyen du Monde
Citoyen du Monde club
++++++++++ !!!!!
2 weeks ago.
Lebojo club
alien ...
2 weeks ago.
 Kimmo Ollikainen
Kimmo Ollikainen club
Food! Somebody give us FOOD!
2 weeks ago.
sea-herdorf club
Ein wunderschöner Streifzug an der felsigen Küste mit ihren Bewohnern, Janet.
Schöne Grüße und einen guten Tag
2 weeks ago.
 David Michael
David Michael club
Oh that's a fine macro of them, great work!
9 days ago.

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