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Vancouver Island
Coastal Trail
East Sooke Regional Park
Pictures for Pam

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East Sooke Regional Park, Part 2: Lovely Coast and Forest Treasures! (+9 insets)

East Sooke Regional Park, Part 2: Lovely Coast and Forest Treasures! (+9 insets)
(+9 insets!) (Please scroll down to Today's Pictures for inset information)

Continuing with Our Vancouver Island Trip!
The drive out to East Sooke Regional Park on Vancouver Island was really beautiful and took us on twisting roads with lovely views of forest and coast. I'd seen pictures and read reviews--the Coast Trail was raved as a MUST NOT MISS hike, and so we went! They were right, and this walk turned out to be one of the most scenic coastal hikes we'd ever been on in our lives!

This lovely park features more than 50km amongst its dozens of trails that showcase Sooke's breathtaking forest and coastal scenery. The area was historically prized for its natural resources--logging, mining and fishing--but today you'd never know how important it was in this regard. Instead, this park is now a jewel for all who love the outdoors, with facilities for picnics and group outings as well as challenging remote trails which require a pickup if an entire hike is attempted.

We would very much love to go back to this area and spend a couple of weeks traversing its trails. The jaw-dropping beauty was astonishing and though we didn't get to see as much as we wanted to, our choice of the most popular Coastal Trail was perfect.

One of the things we weren't prepared for was how much climbing and scrambling we would be doing to follow the trail. In fact, there were many places where the only way we knew where to go was to search out the little yellow trail markers which pointed the way. It was a lot of fun though, and both of us are in fine shape for arduous treks and so we loved the adventure of occasionally needing to find our way!

Now, had the trail been straight and easy to negotiate, we might have been able to walk the extent of this amazing out-and-back hike, but it was not to be. It didn't help that we started later than we wanted to and took longer to get to the trail head than we expected. As we set out on the wide, straight walkway that made a beeline from the parking lot out to the trail head at the coast, we wished we'd had our bikes with us. The park, however, didn't allow them.

Once we got to the start of the Coast Trail, it soon became obvious why bikes were denied—at least on this trail. Almost immediately there were rocks and roots on the path and some very steep bits on an extremely narrow path. Then we found ourselves imitating billy goats as we crawled up and over huge, mountainous chunks of lichen and moss-covered rocks. I couldn't help myself from stopping to appreciate the colorful succulent, sedum, which clung in great clumps to crevices in the stone. How odd, I thought, to find this plant here, of all places! In any event, we were soon laughing hysterically at our desire to ride our bikes on this trail. Hah! Even the most masterful of mountain bike riders would not be able to negotiate some of the areas we traversed. Bike riding indeed!

And so in the end, we had to turn around much earlier on the trail than we'd hoped. However, as we usually do, we found a fine place for our lunch and sat with a beautiful view of the coast to look out on. We munched happily on our sausage, cheese, and fauxtato salad (incredible potato salad made with cauliflower) and talked blissfully about this amazing place we were so lucky to have the chance to visit.

Today's Pictures
My main picture is one of the amazing coastal views that we got to see along the trail. The cove that's dotted with floating bull kelp had us both picturing how wonderful it would be if we were scuba diving there, though it would certainly be very cold!

The insets I'm sharing show some of the cool finds we discovered along the way. It was such a treat to find a number of mushrooms and I was very happy that my Sony was able to take nice pictures that I could share! Other images include the wide, sun-dappled path out to the coast, lots of coastal views and forest highlights as well. ENJOY!

Pam, I know you love places like this and Steve and I mentioned you in our conversation as we sat eating our lunch. I don't think you would have appreciated the extremely strenuous nature of the hike though! It was sometimes such a treacherous climb that the little yellow trail signs—literally pounded into the rock face—showed a picture directing people to take turns one by one, so as to keep rocks from falling onto the person below! YIKES! Still, it was great fun and heck, we'd just pick you up and piggy-back you along for the ride! HAH! Ok, well, Steve would do that part but I'd take pictures! :D :D Hope this cold, rainy and misty day is treating you well in your neck of the woods! *BIG HUGS* from southern Oregon!

Explored on 12/09/19; highest placement #20.

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 Nicole Merdrignac
Nicole Merdrignac club
Superbes photo et vue avec notes. Nicole.
10 months ago.
 Roger (Grisly)
Roger (Grisly) club
Another wonderful series Janet but I particularly like the coastal images.
10 months ago.
Boro club
Superbes ***********
10 months ago.
 William Sutherland
William Sutherland club
Magnificent series! Especially love the mushrooms shot!

Admired in:
10 months ago.
 Jenny McIntyre
Jenny McIntyre club
Oh wow, what an incredibly magical place to visit. I wouldn't see hardly any of this if I were to visit it, as I couldn't walk down any of the pathways. So it's wonderful seeing these gorgeous places through you and your photos. So thank you so very much for showing us these wonderful views. As for the mushrooms, they are great too. I especially love the last picture - what is it? It looks like a tree trunk with many many branches. I love the woods too - what a lot of ferns they have - so attractive too.
10 months ago.
 Dominique 60
Dominique 60 club
vraiment du tout bon janet !!
10 months ago.
 Pam J
Pam J club



10 months ago.
Chrissy club
einfach traumhaft!
10 months ago.
RHH club
Another set of winners, Janet, and you certainly picked the best as your lead photo, though again it's a winner only by a nose (or is it the length of a mushroom?). I'm going to have to come back though and reply to the rest of your interesting, funny, informative epistle tomorrow. We had Neal all day and he was bouncing off the walls and I'm exhausted. Busy day tomorrow, too, Human Rights Committee in the morning and Christmas shopping with the grandkids in the evening - a riot. We exchange names and go to the mall together and after pizza separate to get gifts everyone running into everyone else and trying to hide what they've purchased and where they've been. Neal goes along for the pizza and in the hope he can persuade someone to get him a coffee. He'd subsist on coffee, pop and chips if we let him, but he gets no caffeine, no fizzy drinks and a very limited amount of chips.

We used to do something similar to the Christmas shopping excursion with our kids when they were home - give them each a few dollars and all go to the grocery store with the understanding that they were purchasing their own supper. Most of them soon learned to combine their funds and then share what they had gotten, one buying the food and the other the dessert or drinks. Then we'd all go home and get what we had purchased ready for supper. They still talk about that and some of them do it with their kids now.

Your story about your dad and his endless tale was wonderful. My grandfather used to tell us the story of the old woman and her pig and that went on and on, too. He also used to tell us (entirely fictional) tales of his days in the Russian army. I started telling them to my grandkids and one of them volunteered on Veterans Day that her grandfather was a veteran of the Russian army. She was not very happy, however, when she found out it was all fiction. What a hoot!

Anyway, I'm already rambling on and need to get to bed. Ta ta.

Back again next morning. Have some time before our committee meeting and can probably finish this. Hope the meeting goes smoothly. It's a bit frustrating lately since the state inspectors were there and there's more paperwork, confusion over what the state wants, and frustration with being caught between old rules and new, old forms and new, etc. Nobody ever really knows what's going on but that's not really Lakeland's fault. They jump through all the hoops or try to but the state is constantly moving the hoops and inventing new ones.

Have to talk to my dad by phone on Thursday. My mom is very suspicious of phone calls and that's the day my sister goes and helps her with the laundry. Hoping to persuade him (them) to get ahead and look for a place where they get more care but can still be together. If it comes to a crisis they are probably going to be separated and mom is going to end up in the facility her sister was in, the last place she wants to go.

As to wildlife, we've had a buck hanging around our yard the last week and noticed that he has an injury on his hindquarter that looks very ugly, raw and open. Wondering what happened to him. Doesn't look like a gunshot wound, but rather like he was attacked by a big cat (we have cougars in the area). He seems fine otherwise, but appears to have found a place for some r and r in our back yard.

You'd love Manito Park. It is a colorful place in spring and summer but we found just as much to photograph last week when there were no flowers except in the greenhouses. We used to go there more often when traveling her to see Neal. We'd pick him up and spend the day at Manito for lack of something better to do. Don't get there as often now.

Favorite books? Wow, that's a poser. Some of them that I've read to the kids would be Mistress Masham's Repose (hilarious), The Sword in the Stone, The Hobbit and the LOTR, the Narnia series by C.S. Lewis, The Wind in the Willows, the Paddington books, the Pooh books, The Dark is Rising series, the Taran Wanderer series, Madeline L'Engle's books, The Phantom Tollbooth, Where the Redfern Grows, Charlotte's Web, Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn, Alice in Wonderland, Ursula Le Guin's books, Ben Hur and yes, Mrs. Frisby and Watership Down. There are so many as well as books for young kids, Dr. Seuss, Babar, Madeline and on and on. As to adult books, that's a book in itself.

Interestingly, I've never read the Harry Potter books. They were such a fad that I avoided them and still have never read them. Maybe should but all the hype really put me off. Feel about them like you feel about wolves.

The concert we went to turned out to be an amazing event. We expected a typical out-of-tune event like most school band concerts, but these kids were good. They played some marvelous music and featured some geniuses on the Saxaphone (which I love) and other instruments. And these kids were into it, too. They didn't just sit in stony silence and play but interacted with each other, with the director and really put on a show.

Anyway, my time is up and I must go.
10 months ago. Edited 10 months ago.
 Jaap van 't Veen
Jaap van 't Veen club
Beautiful scenery; like the first and last PiPs most.
10 months ago.
 Alan H
Alan H club
Excellent and interesting set of photos.
10 months ago.
╰☆☆June☆☆╮ club
You will need Steve to give you a foot massage lol !!
★彡 Good work. ⭐
Have a lovely new week 彡★
10 months ago.
neira-Dan club
très belle série , j'adore le champignon rose
10 months ago.
 Ulrich John
Ulrich John club
Exciting pictures, exciting stories ! Have a very nice week, Janet !
10 months ago.
 Josiane Dirickx
Josiane Dirickx club
Toujours et encore de toutes belles prises de vue !
10 months ago.
 Boarischa Krautmo
Boarischa Krautmo club
beautiful series!
10 months ago.
 Keith Burton
Keith Burton club
What a delightful series Janet................I love the two mushroom images, but the landscape shots are just wonderful..!!

The main image is beautifully composed with wonderful light and some gorgeous blue tones but I was really blown away by the panoramic version in the first inset, it's absolutely stunning!

I especially like the light and dappled shadows in the 2nd inset........such a beautiful trail, and probably the easiest going by your narrative!

A special mention for the 6th inset, with that magical little island - it's just magical.

An interesting read too................you and Steve seems to be have the most brilliant time!

Are you staying home over the festive season? We've got our youngest daughter and the grandchildren ( and the dog) coming up from Exmouth to stay with us and my oldest daughter lives around a mile from us, so it's going to be a proper family holiday this year!
10 months ago.
trester88 club
Eine großartige Serie mit wunderschönen Landschaften! Ich wünsche dir eine schöne Woche, Janet!
10 months ago.
Reyk club
Was für eine tolle Landschaft, Sie sieht so schön unberührt aus.
10 months ago.
cammino club
Wonderful coastal view! And: I like the mushroom images very much!
10 months ago. Edited 10 months ago.
 Peter Castell
Peter Castell club
Wonderful landscapes I also like the fungi and the old tree root
10 months ago.
 Valeriane ♫ ♫ ♫¨*
Valeriane ♫ ♫ ♫¨* club
sublimes ces photos et beau reportage comme d'habitude Janet ! merci ! bonne journée ! bises♫********************
10 months ago.
 Treasa Ui Cionaodha
Treasa Ui Cionaodha club
Fantastic coastal landscape. Well done Jannet Regards Tess. Great series of pip images also.
10 months ago.
 * ઇઉ *
* ઇઉ * club
Another gorgeous series, Janet! Thank you for sharing such wonderful moments and details in words and pictures.
10 months ago.
 Nora Caracci
Nora Caracci club
thanks for this suuuuuperb reportage !!!
10 months ago.
 Cheryl Kelly (cher12861 on flickr)
Cheryl Kelly (cher12… club
So beautiful! Congrats on explore.
10 months ago.
Léopold club
Relaxing eyesight of Mother Nature's splendors.
10 months ago.
Nouchetdu38 club
Great series!!!!!!*******
10 months ago.
tiabunna club
A great set of images, Janet. Busily trying to catch up on ipernity and lost time. :-)
10 months ago.
 Sami Serola
Sami Serola club
There are real gems on those PiPs! Wonderful landscape and nature photography! =)
9 months ago.
 Ronald Losure
Ronald Losure club
Such a beautiful place. Thank you for sharing it with us.
9 months ago.
Esther club
Looks like a day well spent.
9 months ago.
 Jadviga Grase
Jadviga Grase club
Fantastic series !!! *************
9 months ago.

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