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Rufous Hummingbird
Selasphorus rufus
Butchart Garden
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Victoria's Butchart Gardens, Part 4: Hummingbirds and More! (+10 insets)

Victoria's Butchart Gardens, Part 4: Hummingbirds and More! (+10 insets)
Where did I go? I've been busy with my metal detector!

You may have noticed that I'm not posting as often as I usually do. At one point I was posting every day when I was working on my Pictures for Pam project. Though I'm still dedicating my pictures to Pam I'm not posting every day. I'd like to but I'm just too busy with other things going on around me.

The biggest culprit is my new metal detector, a wonderful present which I got a few weeks before my birthday. With that, my attention has been pulled away while I go snooping around our property looking for treasures. I haven't found many special items but I have found a few things: my year-lost bracelet, a fancy chrome show collar for a dog, some old tools, a quarter one of us dropped in our meadow years ago, several corroded pennies and even an old rusty motorcycle chain! The majority of what I've found is metal junk: nails, screws, bolts, washers, wire, and…exploded bombs.

STOP THE BUS! WHAT-WHAT-WHAT?!! DID I SAY EXPLODED BOMBS?! YES!! I kept finding these chunks of totally corroded metal all over the place and couldn't figure out what they were. So I searched online for any information I could find. I posted a picture of the metal shards on a metal detecting forum and of all the odd luck, a fellow who lives less than two miles away replied and told me exactly what I was finding: artillery shrapnel circa 1942-5 from Camp White, which was a temporary WWII training camp. At one point there were over 50,000 soldiers there in training. The US government purchased the entire area around we live, including about 10 miles in total, which they used for training. The whole area is littered with the results of their artillery fire. A lot of what I've found is buried several inches down or deeper, and that's because when Camp White was disassembled, crews went around and turned the soil over the whole area to bury the majority of the shrapnel. Is that crazy or what?!

So anyway, my attention is severely split. I have, however, been working on my pictures and the bottomless pit of amazing images from Butchart Gardens is just unbelievable! Looks like I'll have a sixth set of images to share because I can't stop processing them!

Today's Pictures
My main picture today was a wonderful surprise! Steve and I were wandering around and suddenly I saw a hummingbird zoom in for some nectar! I believe it's a Rufous but I'm not positive. I did my best to take a bunch of pictures but I really had no idea if any would come out. SURPRISE! I have four winners to share, two of which I'm posting today and the others in my next presentations. :)

Inset 1: another winner from my hummingbird attempts!

Inset 2: a very busy bee, delirious from the amazing flowers, is an example of the vast number of happy insects there at Butcharts!

Inset 3:a gorgeous banana leaf glowing in front of translucent greenery at the Mediterranean Garden where Steve and I had our picnic!

Inset 4: this lovely hydrangea looks like a mini pink tree! Check out the shadows!! :D

Inset 5: a leaf abstract showing the glowing, translucent details of some of the foliage at the Mediterranean Garden

Inset 6: an artistic view of the whole leaf and another in its mature form…these may be two different plants though!

Inset 7: this is not your ordinary begonia! I saw this and nearly fainted! Who ever SAW such an incredible begonia?! Soon after we began walking along the first path leading into the heart of Butchart Gardens, we saw a covered area that had about a billion flowering planters hanging from the structure. This was "Begonia Bower" and I was utterly blown away by the mind-blowing collection. I didn't get a picture of the area but I found one for you to see at Butchart's Facebook page. Seriously, I could spend days taking pictures in that lovely little spot!

Inset 8: mottled magenta Lobelia (I think) with a red petunia glowing warmly in the background…this is a picture of some flowers from one of the outrageous flower baskets found everywhere in the park.

Inset 9: although this isn't the best picture, it shows one of the hanging baskets I've been telling you about. If you want to have some fun, just try counting the different flowers and decorative plants that you can see. Mind you, the other side is equally stuffed with more species! Can you even believe it? Now, consider what I've been saying…the park has literally hundreds of these hanging baskets and planters totally overflowing with these explosions of color, shape and texture! Every single one could be studied and photographed for hours. Getting an understanding of how ridiculously amazing Butchart Gardens is? Trust me, you have NO idea! :D

Inset 10: this is a stunning pond that, like the Mediterranean Garden, resides outside the main park, bordering the parking lot! It gave a tiny clue of what we were about to see inside!

Pam, what species of hummingbirds live in your area? We have quite a few species, though I think I have pictures of Rufous adults and juveniles. They are so darn cute. And each is a flying jewel which is so very special!

You've been on my mind and I hope all is as well as can be! *BIG HUGS*

Explored on 10/07/19; highest placement #2.

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50 comments - The latest ones
neira-Dan club
quelle merveille !!
2 years ago.
 Nicole Merdrignac
Nicole Merdrignac club
Magnifiques photo et notes. Nicole.
2 years ago.
uwschu club
Klasse, was für ein schöner Moment, so farbenfroh! TOP
2 years ago.
 Rosalyn Hilborne
Rosalyn Hilborne club
Such beautiful pictures Janet! The main shot is just wonderful!!
2 years ago.
sunlight club
What a great and beautiful photo Janet ! *******
Also your detailed description!
2 years ago. Edited 2 years ago.
 John Cass
John Cass club
Wow! Superb capture, wonderful PiP's.
2 years ago.
 * ઇઉ *
* ઇઉ * club
Excellent work, Janet, each of these pictures is exceptionally beautiful!
2 years ago.
Annemarie club
2 years ago.
SUPERBES ************
2 years ago.
 Maria W.
Maria W. club
Superbe!!! :)))
2 years ago.
 Ronald Losure
Ronald Losure club
Those are some of the best hummingbird photos I ever seen, Janet. Interesting story about the artillery range, too.
2 years ago.
 Malik Raoulda
Malik Raoulda club
Une belle et magistrale série *******
Bonne soirée.
2 years ago.
 Pam J
Pam J club




2 years ago.
 Peter Castell
Peter Castell club
A superb image the Humming Bird is wonderful. Fishing with magnets is another craze here the bomb squad have been called to the canal in Leicester a few times for suspect objects
2 years ago.
 Dominique 60
Dominique 60 club
une serie d' images fantastiques janet !
2 years ago.
 William Sutherland
William Sutherland club
Extraordinary capture and PIPs!

Admired in:
2 years ago.
Ruesterstaude club
Eine Märchenwelt zeigt du hier, Janet! Der Kolibri ist verdientermaßen im Hauptbild. Das war wohl wirklich ein Glückstreffer. Ich habe gestern Meisen und einen Kleiber am Futterplatz beobachtet. Sie sind immer schneller als mein Finger auf dem Auslöser. Also musste ich einige hundert Bilder schießen, bis ich 10 brauchbare hatte. Ich werde noch eins mit PiP's zeigen.
Aber erst hier meine Gratulation zu den gelungenen Bildern!
2 years ago.
 Paulo Moreira
Paulo Moreira club
Bonita foto e PIP's.
2 years ago.
 Jenny McIntyre
Jenny McIntyre club
Oh wow Janet, these photos are simply breath taking. I just adore your main picture - to see a humming bird and to take its picture with such clarity is amazing. These flowers are so beautiful - you're right. I do love the begonia - like you. Thank you so much for showing us these glorious plants and flowers.

As for your metal detecting prowess - wow - what fun it must be. Thank heavens you didn't find an unexploded bomb - now that would have been a worry. I've been hankering after a metal detector for myself for years now - unfortunately I can't walk around like that anymore, so it wouldn't be viable for me to get one. I'll just have to see what some people find, when they come round to search my garden. I've offered it to some friends of mine - also the husband of my helper, Emily. So it should be fun.
2 years ago.
 Helena Ferreira
Helena Ferreira club
Absolutely stunning!!
2 years ago.
 Ulrich John
Ulrich John club
Another marvellous series, Janet ! And a stunning main-picture ! Good Morning ! Wish you a very nice day !
2 years ago.
Kawasirius club
Ce jardin botanique est une pure merveille en diversité ! Vos photos sont toutes formidables !
Votre photo principale et celle du PIP #1 avec les colibris sont mes préférées et sont capturées avec une maitrise totale tant sur la netteté que sur la composition ! Une merveille, Janet !!!!!!
Je vous souhaite une bonne journée !
2 years ago.
cammino club
A really lovely hummingbird shot. Great!
2 years ago.
 Jaap van 't Veen
Jaap van 't Veen club
SUPERB close-up Janet.
2 years ago.
 Trudy Tuinstra
Trudy Tuinstra club
I tryed so hard to catch the little hummingbird but you nailed it!!!
2 years ago.
 Cämmerer zu Nau
Cämmerer zu Nau club
Fantastisch, - einfach toll, diese Aufnahme.
2 years ago.
©UdoSm club
Wonderfully Janet...
2 years ago.
ROL/Photo club
bravOoooo Janet for this excellent photo
2 years ago.
Valfal club
Wow, so very beautiful. Janet! I would love to capture a hummingbird someday! I had to chuckle when I saw your inset leaf pictures, I love taking photos from this perspective! We are definitely "Pod Sisters"!

Congrats on your metal detector! Hope you find some very interesting things with it! :-))
2 years ago.
 Fred Fouarge
Fred Fouarge club
Excellent Janet---WWWOOOOOOWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2 years ago. Edited 2 years ago.
 Roger (Grisly)
Roger (Grisly) club
Marvelous series of close up images Janet and all with lovely colour
2 years ago.
╰☆☆June☆☆╮ club
Lovely series Janet, love them all, and especially the humming bird
Have a nice evening my friend.
2 years ago.
 Keith Burton
Keith Burton club
As always Janet, your images never cease to amaze..............this latest set is just astounding..!!

The two hummingbird shots are extraordinarily good..........especially the one in the main image. I also really love the banana leaf and foliage shot and the leaf abstract...........the light, colour and detail in them all is amazing!

I love your metal detecting tales too..............such enthusiasm and love for your new hobby..!! Is this the Camp White you mentioned : oregonencyclopedia.org/articles/camp_white/#.XZzFfSV7kUQ ??

Thanks for your latest comments on my photos...........I just wish I had the time to comment on everything. It's almost a full time job looking at everyone's photos and trying to keep up with commenting. I wonder sometimes how I find the time to take photos myself :-))

Take care!
2 years ago. Edited 2 years ago.
Esther club
You took a great photo of the hummingbird. Be careful with the metal detector. Finding unexploded bombs would be dangerous.
2 years ago. Edited 2 years ago.
 Boarischa Krautmo
Boarischa Krautmo club
gorgeous capture in the main pic - and a wonderful series in the PiPs.
2 years ago.
tiabunna club
I'm running a little late here, but what an extravaganza of colour and great images here to enjoy over my lunch, Janet. The main hummingbird image is an absolute ripper, but the entire set are marvellous. Interesting reading about your metal detector activities, do be careful that you don't go finding any UXOs!
2 years ago.
 Frank J Casella
Frank J Casella
Great timing, and story telling image, Janet. I love the bright colors as well.
2 years ago.
 J-d Welch
J-d Welch
Wonderful capture and a Fabulous composition !!
2 years ago.
 Josiane Dirickx
Josiane Dirickx club
Vraiment beau
2 years ago.
 José Manuel Polo
José Manuel Polo club
La fotografía es tan fascinante como le parecen las flores rojas al colibrí. Felicidades por el éxito de la foto y agradecer el trabajo extra que te tomas para informar del tema. Mis respetos.
2 years ago.
 Wierd Folkersma
Wierd Folkersma club
beautiful series Janet
2 years ago.
 Horizon 36
Horizon 36 club
Wonderful shot, well captured Janet.
And have fun with your detector..hope you will find a treasure...haha
2 years ago.
 Susanne Hoy
Susanne Hoy club
What a lovely picture, Janet! The small hummingbird seems to float. The red flowers shine so wonderful red. The bokeh with its pastel colors is fantastic.
2 years ago.
 Rosalyn Hilborne
Rosalyn Hilborne club
I would love to see a humminbird for real, but the closet I am going to get is looking at this beautiful picture....absolutely gorgeous Janet. And need I say....terrific PiP's ;-))
2 years ago.
Nouchetdu38 club
Nice shotS!!!!!!! The first one is really GREAT!******************
2 years ago.
micritter club
I don't have the words to say how fantastic your photos are. Colors, details, composition, bokeh, clarity without any harshness, etc. are all super! I wish I could devote more time to Ipernity, but unfortunately I am constrained.
2 years ago. Edited 2 years ago.
niraK68 club
2 years ago.
 Sarah P.
Sarah P. club
2 years ago.
Amelia club
One starts with the Crocosmia in the thumbnail, and finds a humming bird in the enlargement. This is just glorious. All of the PiPs are superb too, but the first one is my favourite. Keep going with the metal detector. Who knows what you might uncover - hopefully not an unexplored bomb!
2 years ago.
trester88 club
Wow, was für eine beeindruckende Serie, Janet! Das Hauptbild ist exzellent und auch die PiPs sind großartig, besonders #1, #3 und #5 !
2 years ago.

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