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Pictures for Pam, Day 176: SSC: Rust (+11 insets!)

Pictures for Pam, Day 176: SSC: Rust (+11 insets!)
(+11 insets!)

Today is Saturday and that means only one thing…SATURDAY SELF-CHALLENGE!! HOORAY! :D Today's challenge is a favorite topic of mine (heh, I have zillions of favorites! :D), RUST!

I definitely wanted to take pictures of three specific things and when I went out to capture them, I was on a mission! :D

The first place I went is to the enormous old, fallen-down oak tree with the rotted tree house, all of which are slowly disintegrating into dirt. (I have an inset showing the tree) It looks like nothing at all at a normal distance. But as a MACRO subject, this poor old relic is brimming with photographic treasures! I spent a while taking pictures of the countless rusty nails I found on the tree and rotting wood, knowing from past experience that I was sure to get some super images. It's just really hard to miss when it comes to rusty nails and the sort! :) As I hoped, I got lots of winners and my main picture today shows old nails sticking out of wood so soft now that you can break it with fingernails. Decay is working overtime with this dilapidated tree house! There are many insets that explore other nails and nail heads, all gloriously rusty and such fun at macro size!

My second stop was a pile of remaining barbed and straight strands of wire in our large meadow. I have removed all but this last pile and so I made a beeline for these remnants that I knew had plenty of colorful rust to capture. You'll find insets of both a clump of knotted-up barbed wire and also an artsy razor-thin dof image of straight wire with a pair of Seablush flowers in bokeh to add some fun color.

Finally, I went to a spot that I walk over every single day on my walks up and down our road. Above the driveway is a path that leads up to the top of a small hill where the septic leech field is located. At one point across the path are four links of a rusty chain deeply embedded in the cement-like clay soil. I had hoped to share pictures of this when it was bristling with frost during the winter. To my dismay, even on the coldest day when everything else was coated with a thick layer of frost, the links refused any frosty adornment. Probably because it's right at dirt level and thus cannot get as cold because of heat dispersion. I say BOO. However, it makes a cool picture for our topic today and so finally I get to share it with all of you! :) (You'll find this picture as an inset as well.)

By the way, this colorful rusty chain has become a wonderful landmark on my walks, something I enjoy seeing every time I walk over it (the chain lies directly across the path!). I showed Steve my picture and he told me that he's tried to pull it out of the ground on his walks, to no avail. I was aghast! "MY PET CHAIN?! NO!!! You cannot harm my pretty chain!" We had no idea that each of us had taken a specific interest in that chain. He said he had been thinking of backing our tractor up so he could hook a chain to it and pull it out of the ground. ACK!! It's all too funny…I didn't know I had a sentimental attachment to that silly piece of chain but I guess I did! LOL!

Anyway, I hope you all like the presentation! I look forward to seeing all of the other contributions this week!

Pam, I looked up "rust" on your stream and found a fun picture of a Prairie Lizard sitting on a rusty something or other! :D So cute. That little fellow looks a lot like our Fence Lizards! I hope your day went well, Pam! Thanks for your comments about my Red-Winged Blackbird, I thought you might have them too, as they are pretty wide-spread. Such fun to see them! *BIG HUGS* from southern Oregon!

Explored on 5/5/19, highest placement, #1.

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48 comments - The latest ones
 Sarah P.
Sarah P. club
brilliant, all of them. who knew rust could be so colorful.
19 months ago.
 Pam J
Pam J club

19 months ago.
Kawasirius club
Belles découvertes et captures ! Formidable travail ! Je vous souhaite une bonne semaine Janet !
19 months ago.
neira-Dan club
comme d'habitude , une série à tomber par terre !! Je ne saurais laquelle choisir
19 months ago.
 Karen's Place
Karen's Place club
Wow, again, WOW! I think my favorite is the 6th PIP from the left.

A fantastic series, Janet! :)
19 months ago.
 John Cass
John Cass club
Excellent close up shot, superb dof, wonderful PiP's.
19 months ago.
 Wierd Folkersma
Wierd Folkersma club
great series of close-ups, well done
19 months ago.
 Ulrich John
Ulrich John club
A fine close-up with gorgeous rust !
19 months ago.
 Jaap van 't Veen
Jaap van 't Veen club
Amazingly beautiful series; must have been a 'rusty' day for you Janet.
19 months ago.
 Jeff Farley
Jeff Farley club
I think you've nailed it with these splendid captures Janet - love the textures.
19 months ago. Edited 19 months ago.
FotoArt club
Eine ganz feine Serie. Wir haben einen Spruch der lautet: "Den Nagel auf den Kopf ghetroffen".
(hit the nail on the head).
19 months ago.
Nouchetdu38 club
Even rust can be beautiful when photographed in a talented way: this is the case with this superb series!******************
19 months ago.
Annemarie club
19 months ago.
LutzP club
...again some fine pieces of photo-art, Janet. Lovely!
19 months ago.
 Diederik Santema
Diederik Santema club
Lovely rusty shot. It reminds me of my visit to Spitsbergen in 2012 where I found on a beach a wreck of an old wooden ship with handmade nails. see flic.kr/p/cYR56w
19 months ago.
ANNICK56 club
bien vu janet excellents traitements et j'aime beaucoup les PPS beaucoup à voir,
19 months ago.
Gudrun club
All of them a fabulous, great work! In rust we trust:-)
19 months ago.
 William Sutherland
William Sutherland club
Phenomenal rust series!

Admired in:
19 months ago.
Dinesh club
Beautiful image

Like the dead fallen tree PIP the most
19 months ago. Edited 19 months ago.
grobi358 club
Very lovely details Janet!
19 months ago.
Boro club
SUPERBE ***********
19 months ago.
 Luciano Favretto
Luciano Favretto
Ancora un colpo di martello prego...
19 months ago.
 Rosalyn Hilborne
Rosalyn Hilborne club
What a great subject. The colours are amazing.
19 months ago.
 aNNa schramm
aNNa schramm club
the other nails should also in my groupe ;-))))
19 months ago. Edited 19 months ago.
 Susanne Hoy
Susanne Hoy club
Your rusty pictures are fascinating, Janet! The main picture with its narrow depth of field looks gorgeous. The insets are great too. What an abundance of rusty things! The piece of wood in the second inset looks like the head of an animal with a nail as an eye. The nails in the 4th inset push their way forward „I want to be the first!“. The nail heads in the 5th inset look like ancient coins. My favourite inset is Nr. 8 with the rusty wire and the blurred pink flowers in the background. The rusty chain looks great too. I also like the archive picture. It looks fantastic how the nails stick out of the wood. Thank you for presenting the fallen-down tree. It looks so sad how the old, death tree lies on the ground.

I wish you a good start into the new week!
19 months ago.
Fabulous series for the challenge Janet
19 months ago.
 Boarischa Krautmo
Boarischa Krautmo club
Wonderful rust pictures.

But most of all I like the old tree...
Seems to be something professional ;-))))))
19 months ago.
cammino club
Great rusty finds and shots!
19 months ago.
RHH club
Hi Janet,
I'd already guessed the subject for the challenge was rust before I visited your photo - so many photos of rusty objects in Explore. Hard to choose a favorite, but I think I like the four nailheads the best with the different amounts of rust. That old fallen tree, though, is in another class. That is wonderful and the kind of thing I'd have a thousand photos of and would still be taking photos anyway. They are all great photos and show the kind of thought that ought to go into a good photo.

Loved the photos of the Hosta leaves, too. The deer and the slugs both eat them, however, so even though I love Hostas we don't have any. The deer even come and lick the bird seed off the ground and knock the feeders with their heads to make more fall on the ground. Hostas would be just another deer snack.

As to parents, we both had great parents and mine, though neither of them were naturalists, were always interested in the outdoors, always had bird feeders in the yard, always took us camping for vacations. Couldn't have asked for a better childhood. In fact, we never had television and looking back that was a boon, though we would have liked to have had it. We spent our time outdoors and my parents let us roam and find our own entertainment without worrying about us.

Figured out several of the birds we saw yesterday. Two new ones were a Black-throated Green Warbler and a Prothonotary Warbler. I always take photos, as many as I can, even if I can't get a good shot, in order to identify birds that I don't immediately recognize. Oh, and after seeing the photos, what I thought was a Black and White Warber turned out to be a Rose-breasted Grosbeak, not a new bird for me.

Can't believe the number of swans we've seen here, all the Mute Swan, which is not even a native. Every lake and pond and river seems to have them. They are beautiful but I always have mixed feelings about introduced species. One we saw was on a nest so theere's going to be more of them. We don't see them in Washington except in the zoo and in places like Stanley Park. We see mostly Trumpeters which winter in the northwest.

Have to laugh at your description of the chain incident. Always disappointed when a barn or abandoned house I've wanted to photograph falls down or is pulled down before I have a chance to get photos. Photographers are weird creatures. Maybe Ogden Nash's poem bout pianists should be revised to include photographers:

Some say photographers are human,
And quote the case of Mr. Truman (Mr. Adams?),
Saint Saens upon the other hand,
Considered them a scurvy band.
"Ape-like they are, said he, and simian,
and not like normal men and wimian."

And now I've probably offended somebody. Alas.

I've turned on the GPS on my camera. I've never done that before but Ipernity is having trouble with their mapping, so I thought I'd try it. Will post a couple of photos with the coordinates in the EXIF info tomorrow and see if that works. I usually give a location for my photos but not for native orchids. Too many people who want to destroy them or dig them up. Sad but so 'tis.

Guess I'd better quit.
19 months ago. Edited 19 months ago.
 Richard Nuttall
Richard Nuttall club
tremendous set Janet -excellent macro
19 months ago.
 Nicole Merdrignac
Nicole Merdrignac club
Très belle photo avec notes pour le challenge. Nicole.
19 months ago.
uwschu club
schöne eindrucksvolle Serie
19 months ago.
 Peter Castell
Peter Castell club
Wonderful textures well spotted and taken Janet
19 months ago.
 Jenny McIntyre
Jenny McIntyre club
Oh these rusty photos are just amazing. It made me smile though, when I saw the grouping of 4 nails together, two of which are virtually ontop of each other. I surmise it was a child who nailed the wood together because of the grouping of the nails, or else someone who didn't know how to build a tree house!!!! That fallen down tree - what a find. I've got a fallen down lilac tree (that awful wind we had last week!!) but it's not as old as yours - mine is only about 20 years old.

Your photos are just wonderful - the old wood is superb - the markings are gorgeous. As for that rusty chain it looks great. Why shouldn't you get attached to it? It looks as if it came off a bicycle or maybe a chain saw etc. It's obviously been used well - but discarded now it's no longer of any use! Yep you keep it - tell Steve it's staying!!! LOL
19 months ago.
 John Lawrence
John Lawrence club
Fabulous stuff Janet, I will look properly tomorrow as this tablet doesn't show PiP's!
19 months ago.
 John Lawrence
John Lawrence club
Thank you for posting your wonderful image to
Interesting Rust and Rot
19 months ago.
 Don Sutherland
Don Sutherland club
Wonderful focus.
19 months ago.
 David Michael
David Michael club
lovely macro work :)
19 months ago.
 Diane Putnam
Diane Putnam club
Very nice shot, I always love rust and this is special.
19 months ago.
Reyk club
Sehr schöne Detailaufnahmen
19 months ago.
tiabunna club
A marvellous rusty macro set, Janet.
18 months ago.
Valfal club
Wow, what a beautiful array of glorious rust you have found and captured, Janet! You never fail to impress with your macro images! :-)
18 months ago.
 Pete Ellison
Pete Ellison
Lovely rusty series Janet
18 months ago.
Puchinpappy club
The nail remains resolute in place while the wood recedes. It still makes me want to get a hammer and level it out though.
18 months ago.
 Karl Hartwig Schütz
Karl Hartwig Schütz club
Eine geniale Serie! Herzlichen Dank und herzlichen Gruß, Karl
18 months ago.
 Trudy Tuinstra
Trudy Tuinstra club
you nailed it!
18 months ago.
 Bernhard Hofbeck
Bernhard Hofbeck club
A fantastic series!
18 months ago.
 Roger Bennion
Roger Bennion club
Inspired composition and perfect use of the shallow depth-of-field. Gorgeous light and lovely crisp detail. An absolute fave photo for me, Janet.
18 months ago.

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