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Pictures for Pam, Day 123: Fancy Hair Dahlia

Pictures for Pam, Day 123: Fancy Hair Dahlia
(+2 insets) (looks best at full size on black!) (And please forgive me for the length of this entry, I had nothing to do for hours!)

I planned to get up at about 7:15am this morning, but just as Pumpkin and I were beginning our morning conversation of happy chortling and contact calls, the house power flickered. This caused several devices around the room to beep in surprise and more importantly, the overhead lights automatically turned on.

BLASTING RAYS FROM A THOUSAND SUNS BURNED THROUGH MY EYELIDS. Inside my head I screamed, "OMG MAKE IT STOP!!" The power went off. The lights went out and I relaxed in utter relief. A few seconds later, the power flickered again, the overheads went on and devices beeped at me. Pumpkin gronked at the unfamiliar sounds. I shielded my eyes with a hand and grumbled about the stupidity of lights that automatically turn on with power fluctuations.

After going on and off for a moment, the power officially died. That's when our bedroom UPS* decided to speak up *(uninterruptable power supply). It's hooked up to our tv and dvd player. Yelling at me in loud, plaintive beeps in series of three, it screamed, "I don't have enough power to keep running these devices!" And that, quite frankly, made me very annoyed. How can a UPS which is less than a year old, no longer holding a charge in its battery?

"BEEEEP-BEEEEEP-BEEEEEP!!!" I lay there in bed, mentally glaring at the stupid UPS. We have more problems with those dumb things. In the game room--which is down the hall, around the corner, down the short hall and hang a left into the room—I could hear another trio of bleating beeps...make that two pairs of triple beeps...both of our computers are plugged into their own UPS, and they were loudly objecting to the loss of power too.

Soon Steve had the UPS's in the game room turned off along with the computers. We decided to go back to sleep for a while in hopes that the power would be back on soon. Thoughts of no espresso had us drifting away like innocent babes. Not that the feathered alarm clock cared. Pumpkin peeped at me every 15 minutes for the next hour until I really couldn't pretend to sleep anymore.

Thankfully our hot water heater is large so I had a lovely shower and Pumpkin didn't seeme to mind the dim room, lit only by the light coming through the blinds in the bathroom. Once downstairs I realized that I neglected to cut up Pumpkin's veggies and fruits yesterday so I busied myself with that task while getting Molly's breakfast ready. Soon Pumpkin was set up in her day cage, the room bright with light coming in through the many windows.

Steve readied our little generator with four intentions: power to our Monitor heater, to Pumpkin's floor heater near her cage, to the music ipod so Pumpkin has her Sarah Brightman/Annie Lennox playlist to listen to, and of course to the espresso machine! I went out on my walk and when I got back, Pumpkin was comfortable and rockin' out to her tunes, the house was warming up and the espresso machine was ready to go! HUZZAH!

As I sit here typing away on my laptop, the power is supposed to be back on within ten minutes but who knows? We've got our fingers crossed!

Can you see my glowering face as I stare daggers at the time on my laptop? 12:25. The power was supposed to be back on at 11. We did get a call from the power company saying that the updated approximation was 12:30. *drums fingers on the arm chair*

Steve is off to get our two propane tanks filled. We had the brilliant idea to cook breakfast in our new RV! GREAT PLAN!! We busied ourselves with the gathering of 4 eggies, bacon, seasoning, a pan, plates and utensils and marched over to our "home away from home". Steve was hoping that there would be enough propane to cook our food but alas...though he got it fired up, the flame soon dimmed and spluttered out. He checked the propane. Yep. Empty. Well, it was a fine idea. We marched back over to the house, Steve gathered the propane containers and headed out to the local gas station. We need the tanks filled anyway, and his hope is that by the time he returns the power will be back on.

He's back, it's 12:36 and nope...no power yet. *sigh* On top of that, there was no power at the gas station or anywhere for many miles in all directions. Thus, he wasn't able to get any propane either! ARGH!

Well, at about 2pm we finally got our power back…what an ordeal! :D

After all of the fuss of the day, I think it would be very nice to post a picture of a beautiful flower to look at. I ask you: what's better than sharing another dahlia from San Francisco's Conservatory of Flower dahlia exhibit? The only problem is choosing which to post…they all yell and scream for attention, the high-falutin' divas! Well, since they wouldn't stop jumping up and down, I picked the first one in my finished folder: she with the ever-so-fancy hair and amazing graduated colors of yellow, peach and orange. Totally outrageous beauty! Along with that picture I'm including two more: one of them is a group of breathtaking peachy-orange dahlias who are all trying to shove in front of each other to get a better position in front of my camera…CALM DOWN LADIES! You're ALL beautiful! The other picture is a rear view of a glowing, hot pink dahlia who's much too lovely to be bothered with the lime light! (I cannot help but assign personas to these flowers, they have so much pomp and character!)

Pam, do you have any favorite flowers other than your beloved Snow Drops? I would understand if you can't choose one, since well, that's how I feel too…but I am curious if you do! I went to your photo stream and picked out a picture that made my heart swoon…and I fell upon your ridiculously gorgeous collage of bearded iris! I remember seeing that picture years ago and I was so smitten by the colors of your flowers that I put them in order of favorite so I had an excuse to stare at them and decide which I liked better. They are truly incredible! Here's hoping that you guys are doing well and that your heart is soaring on the warm winds of affection I am sending your way! *BIG HUGGGSSSS*!!!

Explored on 3/13/19, highest placement, #1.

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36 comments - The latest ones
 Jenny McIntyre
Jenny McIntyre club
Wow what stunning pictures Janet. They are all absolutely fabulous. I honestly can't say which one is my favourite. I do love the way you give personnas to them too - especially the lady who doesn't care if she's facing the right way or not!!!

Oh dear I do hope the power has managed to come back on. How infuriating for that to happen. When we thought we'd get power strikes a couple of years ago - the power men were complaining about their wages etc.- I decided it might be a good idea for me to have a gas primus stove, as well as a gas fire and a couple of gas lights. Needless to say we didn't have a power cut, but I'm well prepared - I even bought a few extra gas bottles!!!!
16 months ago.
 William Sutherland
William Sutherland club
Stunning shots!

Admired in:
16 months ago.
Kawasirius club
Superbes dahlias !
C'est en lisant vos mésaventures avec l'électricité que je réalise que nous sommes très dépendant d'elle qui en se coupant, nous prive de toute la technologie moderne et nous plonge dans le noir. Heureusement, vous êtes prévoyants en ayant un groupe électorgène. Bonne journée Janet !
16 months ago.
neira-Dan club
le rangement des pétales dans une fleur est une énigme et un coup de génie de la nature
16 months ago.
sasithorn_s club
A fabulous series of floral close-ups, Janet!
Superb color and detail in the main photo and the insets are absolutely stunning!
16 months ago.
 Jocelyne Villoing
Jocelyne Villoing club
Vraiment admirables... bonne journée Janet.
16 months ago.
 Madeleine Defawes
Madeleine Defawes club
Superbes images de ces belles fleurs !
16 months ago.
 @ngélique ♥
@ngélique ♥ club
waouhhhhhhhhhh une merveille mon amie ****************bisous
16 months ago.
Superbe *******
16 months ago.
sunlight club
Sehr schön !
16 months ago.
 Claudia G
Claudia G club
Une belle série florale !
16 months ago.
RHH club
Very lovely focus, detail and color, Janet. Need some color this time of the year with all the winter we're having. More snow yesterday, several inches at least, and nary a sign of spring. I am so weary of winter and very ready for some warmer weather.

We did get some warmer weather on the other side of the mountains last week - went from 15 to 48 traveling from the east to west sides of the Cascades - but I want that warm weather here and we are just not getting it, alas. Maybe when we get back from Canada.

We are headed to Edmonton again and won't be back until near the end of the month - work and grandkids. Told Nancy that the only difference in being retired is that I travel more and get paid less. Otherwise I'm just as busy.

What an ordeal your power outage must have been, and then no propane either. We have a generator but haven't had to use it, and IMO the UPS are utterly useless. Had one and the batteries were gone when I needed it and would have cost more to replace than the UPS.

Didn't even get out yesterday. It was one of those sloppy, damp and dismal days and I just stayed inside and cooked (shakshuka with feta and spinach). Watched the birds at the feeders the rest of the day while working on line - three Flickers at the suet!

The Quail have been back as have the Nuthatches and the Fox Sparrows. Don't know where some of them disappear to but its nice to have them back. Have to put up some Bluebird houses and another feeder when the weather improves.
16 months ago.
 John Cass
John Cass club
Super image, wonderful PiP's
16 months ago.
 Jaap van 't Veen
Jaap van 't Veen club
'Just' a dahlia, but so breathtakingly beautiful.
16 months ago.
Valfal club
An exquisite capture, Janet! Dahlias are among my favorite flowers! I learned of their beauty through a dear friend (now deceased) and through visiting Longwood Gardens' yearly Dahlia show. The sheer variety of flower colors, shapes and sizes is mind-boggling! :-)
16 months ago.
 Ulrich John
Ulrich John club
Wow !!!
16 months ago.
cammino club
Excellent Dahlia variation!
16 months ago.
Annemarie club
full of LIFE!
16 months ago.
uwschu club
sehr schöne Blume
16 months ago.
 Nicole Merdrignac
Nicole Merdrignac club
Superbe photo fleurie et colorée avec notes. Nicole.
16 months ago.
 Noisette du 11
Noisette du 11 club
Que c'est beau, la naissance d'une fleur !
16 months ago.
 Rosalyn Hilborne
Rosalyn Hilborne club
Such delightful pictures Janet. Wonderful colours!
16 months ago.
 Keith Burton
Keith Burton club
Perfectly, totally and utterly beautiful..............all of them, but especially the main pic, which has the most wonderful background..!! Top-notch work Janet..!!

What a day you've had too..................I don't know how you found the time to post photos, I'd have given up and gone back to bed..!!
16 months ago.
 Wierd Folkersma
Wierd Folkersma club
beautifully taken, the growing process
16 months ago.
 Dominique 60
Dominique 60 club
c' est admirable janet !!
16 months ago.
Dinesh club
Beautiful image
16 months ago.
 Andy Rodker
Andy Rodker club
Yes! As we say in England, "she reckons herself!"
I really miss my dahlias - along with the rest of my garden plants. Still ... I have some great photos to look at from members!
16 months ago. Edited 16 months ago.
 Pam J
Pam J club


16 months ago.
sea-herdorf club
Erst wenn wir sie vermissen, bemerken wir, wie sehr wir auf so manche Dinge angewiesen sind, Janet.

Sehr schöne Blüten.

Freundliche Grüße und einen guten Morgen.
16 months ago.
 Jeanne chevillard
Jeanne chevillard club
Superbe photo !!!
16 months ago.
 Ghislaine Girardot
Ghislaine Girardot club
Superbe rendu !!
16 months ago.
 Susanne Hoy
Susanne Hoy club
The dahlia looks like a face with hair on the top.
16 months ago.
 Trudy Tuinstra
Trudy Tuinstra club
16 months ago.
 Adriana Grecu
Adriana Grecu
Quelle merveille!!
16 months ago.
 Boarischa Krautmo
Boarischa Krautmo club
orange hair? reminds me of somebody.... ;-)
16 months ago.
Ecobird club
Oh that is gorgeous Janet - just like the flower is wearing a bonnet!! The PiPs are beautiful too and the colours are lovely - just what is needed to cheer up these endless gloomy days. Still at least it is not as windy today and a little warmer.
16 months ago.

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