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Pictures for Pam, Day 20: Golden Gate Park Treasure

Pictures for Pam, Day 20: Golden Gate Park Treasure
(1 inset picture)

I am asleep and dreaming of some sort of fun adventure when I am slowly awakened by a little whistling chirp. A moment later, I hear another chirp. And then another. My little feather-covered alarm clock knows it's time to get up and peeps at me in the dark. Opening my eyes and reaching for the clock, I cheep affectionately back to her. It's 5 minutes before 7am. Encouraged that I'm responding, Pumpkin cheeps a little bit louder. "Good morning my little chicken dove," I coo, throwing off my covers and walking into the bathroom. Shower turned on, I return to the bedroom and flick on my side light, tie back the curtains and sing to Pumpkin as I uncover her cage. "Good morning little chicken…good morning baby bird…you are my ray of sunshine…although you're quite absurd…" Pumpkin has climbed out of her Happy Hut now--a little fleece-covered tent that hangs from the top of her cage. She's on one of her branch perches, stretching and staring at me with one big eye. "Cheebie-cheebie-cheebie-cheebie…" she responds as I open her door and she steps onto my offered finger. I bring her to my face and cover her with kisses as we go into the bathroom and I deposit her onto the perch in the shower. Soon I'm covered with suds and Pumpkin is laughing at the sounds of the water, whistling her songs while I mimic them back to her. Not a bad way to wake up, eh?

After I step out and dry off, I ask her to step up onto my finger. "Oh MY, aren't we extra fluffy and beautiful this morning?!" I admire her lovely clown suit…Pumpkin is a White Bellied Caique and features an orange "hat", yellow "kerchief", white "shirt", green "cape, yellow "pants" and grey "underwear". Holding her up so her beak touches my lips, I close my eyes and whisper a soft little whistling tune to her. Barely before the first note is out, Pumpkin responds with the same little intimate cheebie-tune in return. I can feel her beak moving as she whistles softly at me. It is a precious, special moment that we share and I know that Steve and I are the luckiest "parronts" (parrot + parent) in the world.

Pumpkin supervises as I dress and soon we are downstairs in the kitchen. I greet our remaining dog, Molly, with a pat and a "Good morning Mama Dog!" Wagging her tail, she uncurls from her soft fleecy bed in the living room and comes over to sit in the kitchen doorway, watching with great interest as I buzz around. Pumpkin stands on her perch in the kitchen window whistling and laughing to her heart's content while nibbling on a few wheat berries. I whistle back and forth with her while I make espresso, get Molly's breakfast together, prepare Pumpkin's bowl of fruits and veggies, and do a bunch of other things as I do every morning. Soon I have a dog who's eating with gusto and I've had my vitamins and finished my coffee. The final touch of a warm square of bread and a pecan on top of her food, I bring Pumpkin back upstairs with her bowl to her day cage and turn on her music to sing to. Then I'm out the door and off on my walk. Another day has begun at the Brien household!

San Francisco's Conservatory of Flowers resides in beautiful Golden Gate Park, which stretches three miles (4.8km) from Ocean Beach all the way to the famous 60's hippy era Haight Street. It's about half a mile wide (.8km) and encompasses a bit more than 1,000 acres (412ha). It's about 20% larger than New York's Central Park and features an amazing variety of museums, outside theatres, sporting outlets and of course, acres of picnic areas and gardens.

The day that Steve and I visited the magnificent dahlia garden, we parked our car where we could walk and take pictures of some of the remarkable plants on the way. Both of us were instantly lost behind our camera lenses as we found treasure after treasure. One area was full of ferns, accented here and there by masses of gorgeous orange flowers. Looking closer, the blossoms looked similar to freesia but no, they are something else. (Thank you Jenny, for telling me what they are: Montbretia!) I was captivated by the stalks of buds which arced so gracefully with flowers blooming in fragrant beauty at the base. The picture I'm sharing today is my favorite, and you'll see an inset of another which shows an open blossom.

Pam, while I was looking at my pictures of Golden Gate plants and flowers, I couldn't help thinking how much fun you'd have if you could see this place. It really is a photographer's playground. It would be fun to stand back and see you lose yourself just as I have, stumbling from one cool thing to the next. And yes, there are butterflies and bees! Thinking warmly of you my dear…

Explored on 11/29/18, highest placement, #2.

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 Jenny McIntyre
Jenny McIntyre club
It's called Mombretia and I have so many of them in my garden. They have taken over my garden in many places. I don't mind because they are so pretty. I'll send you a few pictures I have of my flowers.

I love hearing about Pumpkin and your daily routine with her. You really do write so descriptively and so interestingly. I could almost envisage myself there chirping to Pumpkin.
20 months ago.
 William Sutherland
William Sutherland club
Exquisite capture!

Admired in:
20 months ago.
 Erhard Bernstein
Erhard Bernstein club
Wow, both pictures are perfect!
20 months ago.
uwschu club
wunderschön !
20 months ago.
Chrissy club
so schöne Farben! Wenn ich hier hinausschaue ist alles trist und Novembergrau ...
20 months ago.
Danielle club
WAW....C'est vraiment de toute Beauté !!!!!
20 months ago.
 Claudia G
Claudia G club
Une belle et délicate macro colorée d'une très jolie fleur dans un beau bokeh !
20 months ago.
20 months ago.
 Jaap van 't Veen
Jaap van 't Veen club
Superb floral close-up with great DOF.
20 months ago.
Annemarie club
just marvellous Janet
20 months ago.
 Thorsten (T.S-B.)
Thorsten (T.S-B.) club
A beautiful game with the depth of field.
20 months ago. Edited 20 months ago.
 Jocelyne Villoing
Jocelyne Villoing club
D'une beauté extrême, j'adore !++++++
Belle journée Janet.
20 months ago.
 Nora Caracci
Nora Caracci club
great compo, exquisite focus !!!
20 months ago.
 Rosalyn Hilborne
Rosalyn Hilborne club
Two very beautiful pictures Janet. I love the focusing on the main shot and I know Pam will love them :))
20 months ago.
 Nora Caracci
Nora Caracci club

Please post your superb photo in the Admin. Choice Photos thread at Amazing Details.
20 months ago.
 Soeradjoen (very limited time)
Soeradjoen (very lim… club
Very beautiful, great use of DOF!
20 months ago.
tiabunna club
What beautiful images of these lovely colourful flowers, Janet.
20 months ago.
 Ulrich John
Ulrich John club
So beautiful !
20 months ago.
 Keith Burton
Keith Burton club
Fantastic focus, delightful depth of field, cracking colours and a brilliant background..!!

I don't think I've forgotten anything...............this is just heavenly ;-)

I love your narrative as much as I love this image.............you are such a wordsmith. You should consider writing for a living...............I can imagine a children's book with a story about Pumpkin for a start..!!
20 months ago.
 Marie-claire Gallet
Marie-claire Gallet club
WOWWWWWWWWWW, Pam will adore and all of us will adore !! Gorgeous capture, Janet ! Such a joyful contrast !!!!!!!!!!!!
20 months ago.
 Marie-claire Gallet
Marie-claire Gallet club
20 months ago.
 Joe, Son of the Rock
Joe, Son of the Rock club
Lovely colour scheme and very effective shallow depth of field that makes the purple buds stand out very well from the background. Cheers, Joe
20 months ago.
 Gisela Plewe
Gisela Plewe club
Janet, what a wonderful bokeh!
20 months ago.
cammino club
Sehr schön defokussiert!
20 months ago.
neira-Dan club
de toute beauté !! le bokeh est sublime
20 months ago.
 Christiane ♥.•*¨`*•✿
Christiane ♥.•*¨`*•✿ club
Oh, Janet ! This is a splendid job ! *******
20 months ago.
 @ngélique ♥
@ngélique ♥ club
superbe Janet *******************j'adore
20 months ago.
 L. L. Wall
L. L. Wall club
... colors, shapes, depth & bokeh ... another winner ... (y'all an artist, consistently!!) ...

... the PiP itself could be a stand-alone beauty ...
20 months ago. Edited 20 months ago.
sunlight club
Wunderschöne Komposition insgesamt.
20 months ago.
 Jeff Farley
Jeff Farley club
A great shot and story Janet. Have yourself a lovely weekend.
20 months ago.
I love crocosmias...they are late bloomers in my garden, but once they show up, they are right on your face, showing their emotion, being quite photogenic with their natural smile. Love your take on this, it is perfect, and clearly depicts their captivating smile!!
20 months ago.
 Boarischa Krautmo
Boarischa Krautmo club
beautiful picture!
20 months ago.
niraK68 club
Ich liebe die Blüten der montbretie. Sehr schön aufgenommen Janet
20 months ago.
RHH club
Crocosmias are great garden plants and you've photographed this one to perfection, Janet. The pov and depth of field are exquisite and the out-of-focus flowers in the background have nicely been taken into account in composing the photo. The PIP is a very good flower photo but this one is much more than that.
Enjoyed, too, your description of beginning a new day and even looked up Caique on line. If she's like the photos I saw she's a beauty. As to the espresso, couldn't start the day without one, although we sometimes opt for a flat white.
20 months ago.
 Andy Rodker
Andy Rodker club
Montbetias / crocosimas are very pretty little thugs! They can be so invasive that everything but everything else gets crowded out! Many areas of Cornwall have succumbed to them. I tried to grow tham in various London gardens, thinking that the London clay soil would hamper their spread but in fact it wouldn't allow them to grow at all! Typing this while on my first expresso of the day!
A lovely shot by the way!!
20 months ago.
polytropos club
A wonderful creation! I also like the colours!
20 months ago.
 Anne Elliott
Anne Elliott club
Wonderful, sharp focus on the closest parts and beautiful bokeh to show them off. Enjoyed reading your description of an early morning in your household, Janet : )
20 months ago.
X-pose club
Very nice DOF! Great color-contrast
20 months ago.
 Diane Putnam
Diane Putnam club
Both photos are glorious, Janet! I love these, but had forgotten the name. Thanks for providing it!
20 months ago.
 Peggy C
Peggy C club
Both photos are beautiful - full of talent.

Hope you are keeping all your "blathering" and will put it in book form. Agree with Keith Burton - Pumpkin would make a wonderful story for children.

Write it and go to an elementary school; ask a Kindergarten teacher if you can "do story time". When I worked in Kindergarten, our students were the audience for stories my husband wrote.


- at that age you get an honest opinion ....
20 months ago. Edited 20 months ago.
Janet Brien club has replied to Peggy C club
Wow...sometimes the obvious doesn't occur to me. That really is a GREAT idea!! I will think about what story to write first...what an exciting, wonderful idea! :) *runs...leaps...and LANDS on you for a great big hug*
20 months ago.
Peggy C club has replied to Janet Brien club
Okay, get busy with Pumpkin Tales ...

20 months ago.
bonsai59 club
Hi Janet! A Crocosmia × crocosmiiflora? Really a great picture! - Have a nice weekend, Frank
20 months ago.
Rafael club
...y encantadora narración !
Buen domingo !
20 months ago.
 Marije Aguillo
Marije Aguillo club
Encuadre y enfoque delicioso .
20 months ago.
 Dean Morley (on and off)
Dean Morley (on and… club
Lovely photos, Janet, particularly the main one, on which I love your focusing and fantastic use of dof. It's a lovely flower, too. :-)
20 months ago.
 Anton Cruz Carro
Anton Cruz Carro club
Beautiful, great composition, wonderful colours. Really amazing.
20 months ago.
micritter club
Incredibly beautiful: the color, the light, the depth of field, the composition all make for a memorable image. The inset is gorgeous too..
19 months ago.

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