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Pacific Tree Frog
Janet Brien
Canon 5D Mark II
Pacific Northwest
Pseudacris regilla

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Lucky's Pond: Froglet Pile

Lucky's Pond: Froglet Pile
(If you want to know about Lucky, please visit this picture and read the story! :) My Friend Lucky

When I took this picture, I thought I was looking at a froglet sitting on a rock, counting the evening stars in contented bliss. But when I looked at the picture on my computer, I laughed in glee when I discovered the truth! That little froglet isn't sitting on a rock, he's sitting on top of another froglet!! Best of all, they both look very comfortable and happy being in a froglet pile! Awwwwwwwwwwww!!!!! :D

Did you know that Pacific Tree Frogs are the only frogs that make the exact sound, "ribbit"? All other frogs make different sounds, not quite like the Pacific Tree Frog. Only male frogs can sing, and most frog species make their calls by forcing air into their vocal sac, which blows up into like a balloon! The air vibrates over the larynx and resonates inside the large, air-filled sac! (There are a few kinds of frogs who sing without vocal sacs) The song of the Pacific Tree Frog can be heard up to half a mile away on a quiet night! Last year Steve and I got a sound-capture of the frogs singing at the pond and you will love hearing them singing for love! If you would like to know more about frog vocal sacs, Wiki has a very nice page about it here: Wiki: Frog Vocal Sac

More fun froggy facts tomorrow, along with another picture from Lucky's Pond! :)

By the way, I've uploaded two other pictures today and I hope you'll visit them too!

Thanks to all of you who have visited and have left comments and favorites! I try to go to all of your pages within a day or two and is a highlight for me to see your beautiful photography! :)


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