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  • Little One

    Little lost dear May I help you find your way? No thank you ma'am Not tomorrow or today But who will watch over you As night grows still and near? No need for me to hide Hope knows not of fright or fear And there the little deer stood Alone and not a…

  • Summer Days are coming to an end!

  • Practice time!

  • I tried to tell her no skating in the house, but cuteness always wins.

    Poor Wendy, who is now named Ferny, was pushed off of the counter by my cat and suffered scrapes to her shiny face. So, I had to give her a makeover.....I really didn't want to since I am not pro and didn't want to ruin her. She turned out ok and boy do I…

  • Happy Independence

  • Happiness

  • Hoping for Phillip's return

  • scarytree

    This is a tree that guards my home.

  • Woody knows best!

  • Going down hill is easier, but you are also most likely to crash and burn.

  • Keep your head in the clouds as long as possible!

  • The Claw Game

    Have you ever wondered where Marble and Phillip first met? Did this inseparable friendship happen by luck or was it planned? Well, it doesn't matter where your friends come from or under what conditions the friendship develops. Friendship is friendship!…

  • This is Frankie (just like Frankenstein)

    She was pieced together from many dolly parts that I have removed from others.

  • Summer days are made for cold fruit drinks.

    Phillip naps in the afternoon in case you were wondering!

  • Misunderstandings

    Whatcha' thinkin' about Phillip? A pig in a blanket! Go to their blog to read the entire story!

  • Who wants to go to Disneyland?

  • Tomorrow we shall golf!

    It doesn't matter how well you do something but rather that you just do something.

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