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  • Shocking in brown

    Brown is Floyd's color. I mean... yeah... shes wonderful in pink... but the brown is so pretty on her!

  • Seaman hat... WIP

    For a co-worker's little boy.

  • Reynolds Soft Sea Wool

    Yarn from a flickr buddy... How sweet! :)

  • Misti Alpaca Chunky

    Seems I'm on a purple kick. This will be another neck warmer.

  • Oublie... Hey! Oublie! Look at me!

    .... she wont quit gawking.

  • Our Hujoo family.

    Bowie, Buttercup, Quest, Mr. No Name, & Oublie.

  • Dude.... wheres my car?

  • Our new guy

    Yeah... I knew my daughter would claim him... & she has. LOL

  • no name boy

    Sweater made by Sarah. (it was a sock)

  • comfort

  • Finished Song

  • Pretty Song

  • With a Song in Your Heart :WIP

    Another knitting project... finally doing something. LOL

  • Not a blanket

    Although it would be a good one... its going to be a neck warmer for me.

  • They are just tickled pink

    I just adore these dresses!

  • Quest's Homecoming

    My little girl is home!

  • Quests wildside

    What is this young lady?

  • All my girls

    Buttercup, Quest, Bowie & Oublie. Oublie let it slip that we have a boy coming to live with us... they are all VERY excited about this.

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