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  • blue fish

    I set out to use some of my dark azure pieces and this is what happened.

  • NN-3-NN

    Novice starfighter designer Umpad Mamorpit saw promise in Bris Ka Tugrolikum’s last craft, and so based the highly effective, multi-role NN-3-NN fighter on it. The Neek-a-Louk-a Military purchased the design and produced 40,000 of them, which their incomp…

  • Quick build.

  • V V

    Old build for Novvember 2012 to start things out here.

  • B7A Cobra

  • 2073300720

    Military pack-mule with light weaponry for self-defense.

  • Microspace

  • 1


  • Space Tanker


  • 2

    bottom and back

  • Microspace

    4 pieces(excluding stand). All connections are quite firm.

  • Back

    Didn't do a very good editing job on this one.

  • Ares III

    My entry for the Real World Starfighter Contest on the Starfighter Group. Single-manned starfighter to be launched from a space station. Mainly engages other fighters and some larger space craft.

  • Bottom

    The antennae got kind of messed up here. Too lazy to edit this one extensively :).

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