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  • Just the desk

    No reason... I just liked the way the desk looked, and how the light was on the soup mug.

  • Refusing to look at me

    Bob, refusing to look at me from the top of the desk, but isn't his ear well lit? :)

  • Bob skeptical

    He just seemed to look skeptical when I asked him to look at me for the photo, as he reclined on top of the desk.

  • My sweet old lady Loretta

    Loretta is gone now. A month ago I made an appointment at the vet. She was in pain all the time from arthritis in her back and hips, had lost weight, wasn't eating much and just didn't feel good. I knew it was time to make sure she wasn't miserable any m…

  • Bob enjoying his evening nap

    This is an old picture of Bob, that I've always loved... he used to love sleeping in front of my Mac when I had it, because it was so warm at the bottom of it. Bob thought the Mac and that desk belonged to him.

  • Laid back

    This was taken a long time ago, of my Gus. He was not yet a year old in the photo, and had recently had surgery on his right back leg where it had been broken. He was getting some pain meds, and really enjoyed them.

  • Burt and his mom, Maggie

    This photo must be at least 30 years old. Maggie, the tortoiseshell, had 6 kittens. Burt, the ginger tabby, was one of them. I found homes for the other 5. So Burt got to live with his mom his whole life. He outweighed her, so when he wanted to nap on he…

  • Happy Birthday, Gus

    Sorry it's "fuzzy". I took it with my phone, and I'm still not able to get good photos with it. Gus turned 6 on April 4th, but I didn't have a new photo of him until yesterday.

  • Glowing

    wild morning glory in my front yard

  • Contemplating the meaning of life and the origin of the Universe while the chauffeur drives him to the poshest dog spa in the city

    In the car next to me, at a traffic light

  • Rainbow over the Cathedral

    Taken about 5 years ago in Santa Fe... nothing I could do about that stoplight. I saw the rainbow over the cathedral, pulled over into the turning lane, stopped my car and stood there in traffic to get this... I'm still surprised one of the many Santa Fe…

  • Old Blue Eyes

    Urban minimalism i wonder if the person who designed the facade was aware of the way it looks like a face? Of course, it only has blue eyes on days with good weather.

  • lots of little purple flowers

    no reason... just because i thought they were pretty

  • Opie or Flame

    So he now has a new name, because Lou was impossible (due to a past with someone named Lou, by the person who is taking him). So Flame and Opie have been suggested. Could he be any cuter? Well, yes he could, look at the next photo :) (taken by my daugh…

  • Flame or Opie

    this should just melt your heart So he now has a new name, because Lou was impossible (due to a past with someone named Lou, by the person who is taking him). So Flame and Opie have been suggested. (taken by my daughter Addie on her cell phone)

  • Caelin displaying early catitude

    Addie took this with her cellphone. Rita and little Aveline didn't seem to mind, but Caelin was being the tough big brother and looking out for his girls. Lou was off adventuring, apparently.

  • Little Lou

    Discussing photography with Addie (she used her cellphone for this one.)

  • the blue bucket

    a couple of weeks ago we had a huge wind storm. the next day I found this bucket sitting in front of my gate as though someone had set it there. many people had tree branches down, damage to their houses, so a blue bucket in my yard was not so bad :)

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