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  • Male and female Scarlet Robins together

  • Female Scarlet Robin

  • Male Scarlet Robin

  • Female Flame Robin

  • Female Scarlet Robin

  • Male Flame Robin

  • Female Flame Robin

  • Male Scarket Robin

  • Male Flame Robin

  • Eastern Rosella drunk outside the window

    He appeared outside my office window where I was attracted by his stillness and bright colours. I didn't see the grubby face (see other pic below) until processing the photos, but the wings were brighter than any Eastern Rosella I've seen. I originally…

  • Dragonfly - workings

    One of my minor fascinations is the workings of dragonflies - specifically the bit where their wings join the body. They remind me of helicopters and the mechanicals at the base of their rotating wings. Another is dragonfly wings, truly a fantastic pie…

  • The astronomical man

    This seems to be one of the most popular takes on Enlighten festival this year, though people differ on where to put 'the man' relative to building. The man is made of parts of the burnt-out Mt Stromlo Observatory, probably the most significant cultural…

  • Red-capped Robin

    These are the first bird photos in a long time ... all taken over Easter around Chiltern in Victoria. In late afternoon as drinks were being served back at camp, I found this confiding male beside one of the dams on our host's property. As anyone who's…

  • Moonrise at Possums Retreat

    Easter Sunday - a couple of days after full moon. I can never resist moonrises when out at the right time. Very atavistic ... probably makes the hairs grow on the back of your hands.

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