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  • Day134-May14

    I've discovered the secret to getting ducks to look at me when I take their picture rather than walking away: have food.

  • Day133-May13(2012)

    Copenhagen, May 13, 2012. I keep forgetting to take pictures for my 2013 365 project, and posting the one from the days I forgot from last year when I lived in Europe makes me miss Europe.

  • Day132-May12

    A creature sneaked its way onto my shirt while I was running.

  • Day131-May11

  • Day130-May10(2012)

    May 10, 2012, since I forgot to take a photo this day in 2013. Mont Blanc out my window in France.

  • Day129-May9

    A small woman makes her way up a big wall.

  • Day128_May8

    Floor rainbow.

  • Day127_May7

    Busy uploading.

  • Day126_May6

  • Day125-May5

  • Day124-May4

    Serving and protecting... and/or playing Angry Birds.

  • Day123-May3

  • Day122-May2

  • Day121-May1

    Observatory on the roof.

  • Day120-Apr30

    Boston, MA.

  • Day119-Apr29

  • Day118-Apr28

    Wild turkey walking about. He went "gobble gobble gobble!" and then would raise his feathers in mating call. Such a huge guy too, I couldn't help but think about how very many Thanksgiving guests he would feed. Winchester, MA.

  • Day117-Apr27


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