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A storm in the desert--

14 May 2015 2 3 515
Intense thunderstorm in Saline Valley, California. The rain is so heavy the water is actually running off the surface--a so-called "sheet flood." You can tell this sort of rainfall is unusual by the vegetation! Looking southwest to the Inyo Mountains.


14 May 2015 2 4 388
Remains of (probably) an old ranch in Saline Valley, California, altho it might have been mining-related. It no doubt had a brief reincarnation as a hippie commune in the 70s--Saline Valley was notorious for such things, for a while. The mountain range beyond is the Inyo Mountains, the southern extension of the Whites. Looking more or less north.

Budding barrel cactus

14 May 2015 2 2 323
Presumably the California barrel cactus, Ferocactus cylindraceus . Off the Saline Valley road on the way into the valley from the north.

Darwin Canyon

14 May 2015 3 4 522
Looking upstream. A steep canyon north of Darwin, California that flows ultimately into the north end of Panamint Valley. The road bypasses a waterfall(!) in the middle, where the exposed bedrock has forced the water to the surface. Unfortunately, the best trail to the falls is from below, and I didn't have time to take it. Note the flotsam to the right of center--sometimes a _lot_ of water comes this way!

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