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  • "Canadian" thistle

    Cirsium arvense. Turns out the common name is a canard. It's in fact an Old World invader weed, which is now well established thruout much of North America. You often find it along trails--why trail horses are supposed to have "weed-free" hay! The see…

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  • Desert Peach in Bloom

    A thornbush in Nevada's high desert. It gets its name because the flowers turn into tiny fuzzy fruits.

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  • Gnarly juniper

    Probably Juniperus occidentalis, Mineral Peak, Douglas Co., Nevada, USA. This tree is actually still alive. Juniper species, along with piñon pine, are the major elements of the patchy scrub forest that occurs on the lower slopes of the mountain ranges…

  • Hanging on...

    A juniper that's not completely dead yet. San Rafael Swell, Utah, USA, just off I-70.

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