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  • Bumblelion 1

    Large 2 Foot Tall Wuzzle Bumblelion. ©1986 Walt Disney And Made By Hasbro Softies

  • Dakin Deer Tush Tag

    Picture Of The Tush Tag Showing That She's From 1989 And She Was Made For Dakin

  • Dakin Deer Medallion

    Close-Up Picture Of Her Medallion

  • Dakin DeerEyes And Nose

    Close-Up's Of Her Eyes And Nose

  • Dakin Deer

    2 Foot Long Lying Down Deer Made By Dakin In 1989

  • Starlite Tag

    Starlite's Tag Attached Near The Bottom Of One Of His Legs.

  • Starlite Closeups

    Rainbow Brite's Horse Starlight ©1983 Mattel And Hallmark Cards. Close-Up's Of His Eye's And Star And A Picture Of The Yarn Mane/Tail

  • Starlite

    Rainbow Brite's Horse Starlight ©1983 Mattel And Hallmark Cards.

  • Brown N White Pony

    An Appaloosa That's 18 Inches Long And Approximately 11 Inches From Hoof To Tip Of Ear

  • Belle Tags

    Manufacturer Tush Tags From Belle

  • Belle Eyes

    Close-Up Of Belle's Eyes

  • Belle Saddle

    Belle Posed For A Picture Of Her Skirt And Saddle

  • Belle Side View 2

    Another Side View Of Belle

  • Belle Side View 1

    A Side View Of Belle

  • Meeko Tag

    Manufacturer Tag On Meeko

  • Meeko Eyes

    Close-Up Of Meeko's Eyes

  • Meeko

    Side View Of Meeko

  • Meeko N Belle

    Meeko And Belle

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