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  • ADAD 2014 18/365

    Keeley's package from Nubanded finally arrived today. The PO said customs probably held it up- I ordered from them back in November! Anyways, she was very excited to show off one of her new outfits and the new garden furniture I found for her today at Ho…

  • ADAD 2014 17/365

    Kess in the snow today.

  • ADAD 2014 16/365

    Kaili decided to have a cake party with her Lalas today.

  • ADAD 2014 15/365

    Sean watches on as silly Stuart the Minion trying on an oversized glove for a hat.

  • ADAD 14/365

    Aidin: What's up with all this green stuff?

  • ADAD 13/365

    Camille Dynasty Kitty finally got a name: Miyuki

  • ADAD 2014 12/365

    My JID Asa finally has a name: Sayuri.

  • ADAD 11/365

    Einin in her new footie pajamas from Ban. She loves them so much that she's decided that it's time for bed already!

  • ADAD 2014 10/365

    Einin eye balling a freshly baked cupcake. :0)

  • Sean got the hat!

  • Nell's new coat.

  • ADAD 9/365

    Neely really wanted to go outside today so she put on her scarf and rain boots, borrowed Kaili's coat and went for a walk on the frozen solid pond.

  • ADAD 2014 8/365

    Finn staying warm by candle light on this cold and wintery night.

  • ADAD 2014 7/365

    Kaili helping me with an order this evening. :0)

  • ADAD 2014 6/365

    Chelsie believes she has hit the jackpot! :0)

  • ADAD 5/365

    Sean & Stuart the Minion.

  • ADAD 4/365

    Keeley visiting the Koi.

  • ADAD 3/365

    Aidin & Toothless out for a walk in the snow.

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