Marilyn Adams' photos

  • Color Wheel Photo -- Yellow

    Trixie and Burrito.....Trixie tolerates Burrito a bit better than her sister Dixie does, and Burrito loves her dearly for the small kindnesses she offers him:-))

  • Color Wheel Project -- Green

    We live in the wet and rainy Pacific Northwest.......where one has to learn to appreciate the beauty of moss:-))

  • 10 Week Picture Project -- Color Wheel -- Pink

    A display of some of the miniature perfume bottles Jim made when he was a glass blower......

  • 10 Week Picture Project -- Color Wheel -- Red

    Little Burrito, warming up on a chilly Fall morning.

  • Digging his way to Northern Australia

    Little Burrito is half Dachshund. Dachshunds, or Dackels as they are also known, were bred to be hunting dogs. Dachs is the German word for Badger, an animal they are very good at capturing because using their strong, muscular front legs, they will dig th…

  • Trixie, making sure Burrito stays on the floor.

    Burrito keeps the Ixies alert.

  • Holiday Greetings from Adams Ranch!

    Jim made a Christmas video, starring Burrito and the Ixies.........Flickr was giving us problems with loading the video, so this is just a 15 second short. The full-length video greeting card can be seen here on Vimeo: Happy Holidays,…

  • Best part of being an adult is.........

    ........eating cake FOR supper rather than after supper. This is a Pineapple Upside Down Cake, and it has fruit and lots of walnuts, so obviously it's a healthy choice for a meal, especially since I drank a glass of milk with it:-)) (on Flickr too)

  • Extremely evil and wicked little dog

    I took Burrito grocery shopping with me today. Rather than confine him to his crate with just short walks now and then, I let him ride loose in the car. This went fine, until the last stop I made, at which time he jumped out of the car and started to trot…

  • Please don't give me a bath.

    "I don't really need one, and besides, those Ixies always come and watch and laugh and sneer because they take care of themselves. I'm clean as a whistle, honest!" Not that there's any use in him pleading his case......he's gotten a bit "ripe" so today is…

  • Trixie likes to be helpful.

    ....or, why I haven't been able to work a jigsaw puzzle since the Ixies agreed to live with us. This was taken before Burrito moved in -- I don't really want to find out what he could do with a box of puzzle pieces.

  • IMy Little Cone Head

    also on Flickr Burrito had his day at the Spa. He also had to have an eye surgery due to having a "cherry eye" -- if you are squeamish, don't look that up!!! It's an icky inflammation of the "third eyelid" which causes a yucky bulge in the corner of th…

  • So much for the "no dogs on the couch" rule :-))

  • The Ixies' worst nightmare has come true........

  • Can't say I agree with this title.......

    ...generally speaking, my friends don't put big charges on my credit card. They also don't try to convince me I should spend $4000 on a bridge:-(( I broke a tooth while eating popcorn. The popcorn wasn't even all that good, sadly.

  • My Big Bargain for the Day

    This is on Flickr too........I found this giant Chocolate Tuxedo Truffle Cake on the markdown rack at Fred Meyer's (aka Kroger's in some parts of the country). When baked goods are close to their sell-by date, Fred's will put them on the half-price rack,…

  • Side view of the cake

    This is on Flickr too.....layers of cake and chocolate mousse and vanilla creme

  • Quite a low price for this much cake!

    This is on Flickr too.....the cake was originally priced as 17.99USD (13.49 euros) and was marked down to 8.99USD (6.74 euros). I couldn't resist -- it's a big favorite and it does freeze well for future treats. Assuming there will be any left:-))

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