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Colin's Doll

Colin's Doll
Brian and i were pretty certain that gender stereotypes were just that - stereotypes - cultural constructs that served a purpose for "the machine."
We had quite a bit of support for this view living in Plainfield, Vermont. : )
So when our first son, Colin, was born we (for example) took whatever clothes for him that came our way (shirts with flowers, purple overalls etc.) and made sure we provided him with a wide variety of toys. Dolls included.
Colin was fairly obliging and had a mild attachment to this doll "Rohdie" for a year or two. He sometimes carried it around but to my quiet disappointment never really "played" with it the way (for example) I had. I found a largish baby doll that had been mine - and gave it to Colin with pretty much the same results.
One day, we were home and I saw Colin pick up the doll and take it over to the stairs.(Which were enclosed) I crept up and watched him and he was playing with it - moving it up the stairs by moving the arms up and down walking the baby up the stairs!!
"Colin, what are you doing?" I asked quietly sort of thrilled.
"I'm moving the levers up and down." he said.
Yep, he was.

This is not to say we gave up. Our other boys had dolls etc. offered to them, too. The test results were similar.
I say, yes, keep it open - but don't be shocked - either way.