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  • Happy Holidays every one

    Geseënde Kersfees, 聖誕節快樂, Veselé Vánoce, Glædelig jul, vrolijk Kerstfeest, Joyeux Noël, Frohe Weihnachten, Gleðileg jól, Nollaig Shona, Buon Natale, メリークリスマス, God jul, Wesołych Świąt, С Рождеством, Feliz Navidad, Mutlu Noeller, Giáng sinh vui vẻ, Jabulela…

  • unattended…..

    it's been so long since something moved me to action. todays fog put a camera in my hand and the damp earth at my feet. as quiet as the crows would allow, steps muffled in vegetation washed with mist, you realize what you've missed once there. not sure of…

  • down there……...

    minolta weathermatic dual 35, kodak max 400 (expired 07')

  • evening calls….

    Type 669, 127mm, f/4.7 @ 1/125 cold really brings out the blue with 1 minute overdevelopment due to weather.

  • Paradise

    ticket to paradise….

  • Morning veil

    Polaroid SX-70 Sonar OneStep, type 600 film, expired 3/09 SOOC

  • Still

    Polaroid SX-70 Sonar OneStep, Type 600 film, expired 3/09 SOOC

  • Hush

    Polaroid SX-70 Sonar OneStep, Type 600 film, expired 3/09 SOOC

  • Mothers milk

    Polaroid/Mamiya 600se, 127mm, Fugi FP-100B "Z" Please

  • Summer

    Minolta Weathermatic Dual35 Kodak Max400 exp. 2000

  • always perfect….

    Model: Britt S. MUA: Tiffany C. Z Please & Thank You

  • Indubitable

    Model: Shannan G. MUA : Tiffany C. Z Please & Thank You

  • Red

    Model: Lindsey H. MUA: Tiffany C. Z Please & Thank You

  • J W

    Model: Joe Wall Hair: Tiffany C. Z Please and Thank You

  • Topless….

    Models: Taryn & Tiffany Z Please & Thank You

  • Delivery

    SX-70 Sonar OneStep, Impossible Project PX-600 Silvershade Cool

  • Every morning is a new frontier...

    Sunrise, PX680-V4C 08/12, SX-70 Sonar OneStep (e-mod) W/ Mint flash bar, full power, one tick light.

  • Winterkälte

    a guerdon on two fronts…. a long overdue trek through the woods, spurred by the most incredible morning fog and time well spent with my beloved pack film. Type 669, 600se, 127mm, f/4.7 @ 1/250

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