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  • Seattle from Carrie Park

    My wife and I went up to Seattle for our Anniversary and hit the usual photo-ops. The park was so busy.

  • Pick Your Poison

    The rose, the bee or the arachnid.

  • Mt. Hood Majesty

    Jonsrud Viewpoint of Mt. Hood, Oregon. I had entered this photo in a contest and it got an "Honorable Mention". The winner was a black and white of a kid in a mexican wrestling mask on a snowboard, so the judges didn't have much taste.

  • Crazy at Horsetail Falls

    The spot this man is standing would normally be about half way into the splash pool. Due to a cold snap the base of the falls piled up like a big snow drift. However the water was still running through the hole at the bottom of the waterfall and underneat…

  • Greener Pastures

    First photo that I have recently taken and posted. In other words not a Flickr 2 Ipernity script import. During this trip we drove through miles and miles of this rolling landscape. It was hard to pick a spot, so on this little two lane road there was fi…

  • Close Call at the Waterfalls

    I was going to take a nice video with my D90 and my brothers Sigma 10-20 lens and then almost disaster struck.

  • Double Helix

    Newport, Oregon Yaquina Bay Bridge

  • Trillium Lake Sunrise

    Headed up to Trillium Lake this morning. On the drive up Mt. Hood had a haze to it, but once we arrived it was totally clear. The colors only lasted about 3 minutes. I wish there were more clouds, but it was still a spectacular morning.

  • A Few Moments in Time

    30 second shot with ND8 + CPL. The tide was coming in fast. Getting out of the scene was a fast sprint between waves.

  • Portland at 10mm

    Shot taken with Sigma 10-20mm lens.

  • Standing Tall

    Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival 2008, Woodburn, Oregon Laying on the ground trying to get as low as possible. I really could not tell if it was in focus or the framing, but like the results.

  • Little Crater Lake

    Artesian well that corroded the surrounding soil to form this 45ft deep little lake.

  • Ice in the Gorge

    Bridge at Multnomah Falls. Winter Ice formations.

  • Newport Bay, Oregon

    Multiple processing, I don't recall the steps but still like the oil on the water.

  • Portland Waterfront Fountain

    One of my earliest Digital Photo's taken with a point and shoot Vivitar cam.

  • Fuzzy Wuzzy

    This little guy was maybe an inch long and was walking at me up a wall. One of my earliest and most favorite macros. Doesn't this look better on a white background, just saying.

  • Hawthorne Bridge at Night from the Spot

    Luckily the water level was low enough for the pylons to be out of the water. It was really muddy on the rocks, just ask my mom's floors.

  • Misty Multnomah Falls

    Multnomah Falls, Oregon - Spring 2008 This year a large amount of water was cascading from the top of the falls. The surrounding air was saturated with the mist from the falls. It felt good but played havoc trying to take a clean shot.

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