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  • Black Shirt

    I really love this doll <33

  • Don't look at me like that


  • New Wig

  • Hey, my old man!

    Well... He's an Iplehouse Douglas and he arrived on 10th April. I didn't have enough time to introduce him before but his custom is finally completed and I'm so happy with him! <3

  • Ariwa Souya ''A.S'' [Iplehouse SID Zera boy]

    Nobody really knows how hard was to complete my dear hybrid boy! After a looong split (almost 5 months of waiting for his head) and a nightmare trying to find a decent tan match... his head finally arrived here today! Thanks to my sweet sister who did hi…

  • A brother's call

    Souya: What's happened now, Kouya? -_-"

  • Try keep calm

    Souya: Calm down..., deep breaths

  • A Relaxed day

    In my reflection

  • Last winter days

    Souya: I like the scent of winter wind

  • Feel the cold

    It's a lovely day for a walk

  • A comfortable chair?

    Sure ;-)

  • Spare time

    Um...There must be something interesting...

  • Sweet Lollipop

    He loves it!

  • Yue [LPP Lea Nutcracker Tan]

    My first Lati tan and he's really cute!! <3

  • Do you hear something?

    I'm not sure... ◔̯◔

  • Welcome again Leesu!

    My tan boy arrived today! I don't have enough words to describe him! He's perfect =)

  • Don't you wanna play anymore?

    Leesu: I not amused ¬_¬

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