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  • Deer Creek Hot Spring (Oregon)

    Hot water comes from the cave.

  • Cougar Hot Spring (Oregon) - side view

    The hot water flows down from one pool to another. In all there are 5 pools. The springs are located in an old growth forest.

  • Cougar Hot Springs

    View from above looking down at the springs (Cougar Hot Springs, Oregon). I like this place because it is surrounded by the old growth forest.

  • Wheel

  • Seattle Great Wheel

  • Wheel3JCPx

  • Wheel5JCPx

  • Wheel4JCPx

  • 4th of July Fireworks 2013

    Kirkland Marina Fireworks Show Viewed From Seattle

  • July 4th Fireworks 2013

    Fourth of July fireworks show at Kirkland, Washington, as seen from Seattle.

  • Seattle View from Beacon Hill

    A panorama stitched from two photos.

  • Seattle Night Cityscape Panorama

    Photographed from the top of a hill at Gas Works Park, Northlake, Seattle.

  • Fishing Boats

    Some fishing boats silhouette the skyline in Penang, Malaysia.

  • Me in the bath at Ebisuya

    Ebisuya is located at the Shiobara hot springs in Tochigi Prefecture, Japan. This is a very unique bath because it is fed by a geyser. The extremely hot water mixes in the upper pool (too hot for bathing), and the feeds down to the lower pool. Very int…

  • Me in Bath at Jigoku Onsen

    This bath is called "Susume no Yu" (the swallow's bath). Located at Jigoku Onsen in Kumamoto Prefecture, Kyushu Japan.

  • Sunset Girl

    Took this photo at the north end of Baker Beach in San Francisco just as the sun was setting over the Marin side of the Golden Gate.The waves made some interesting patterns as they washed up on the surf between two rock formations.

  • Yellow Sunset

    Low clouds make for an interesting sunset. A flock of pelicans flies towards the horizon as a couple of bicyclists gaze down at the beach.

  • Woman on Beach

    A woman takes a morning stoll on the beach.

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