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  • Pink Scion

    for the Saturday Self-Challenge: favorite color, pink

  • crew a painting

    Saturday Self-Challenge: water

  • inch worm 4 28 17

  • Perky on the monitor

    the weight of our own personal struggle is on our shoulders

  • droplets on iris 41717

  • nasturtiums 41717

  • red rose 4217

  • puff ball 030917

  • pistol graffiti

  • Paladin's holster Knight

  • Once was a tree, now isolated in a truck

    This is what's left of the tree seen here: www.flickr.com/photos/safoocat/314313384 74/in/dateposted-... & here: www.flickr.com/photos/safoocat/857570580 7/in/album-721576...

  • No Dumping Drains to Creek

    Thanking your imaginary friend for waking you up this morning? Your "grown person" card has just been revoked.

  • long exposure time colored lights

    Saturday Self-Challenge long exposure time of colored lights with camera movement.

  • Crow in a tree

    Michelle M Ress

  • fall colored tree @ Sunnyvale library

    "‘God split himself into a myriad parts that he might have friends.’ This may not be true, but it sounds good – and is no sillier than any other theology." — Lazarus Long

  • autumn leaves

    You can tell a lot about a woman from her hands. For instance, if they are wrapped tightly around your throat, she’s probably upset about something.

  • sunrise with clouds, tree, & bird

    No matter how depressing things seem, nothing can defeat the joy of a sunrise and the hope of a new day. Here is my flickr page: www.flickr.com/photos/safoocat/with/3155 4969265

  • jet trail & moon 120315

    here today gone tomorrow

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