Janelle Wind's photos

  • Charlie Girl...

    We grabbed a few minutes between the rain showers to enjoy the autumn sunshine today.

  • That face.❤ #pug #jug #pugsley

  • His face says otherwise but this boy loves cuddles. #bellaboy #abeautifulmess

  • AKAW Week 17

    She reminds me of why I love Blythe. I needed that reminder today.

  • AKAW Week 18

    Sweet Scarlet has the most beautiful face.

  • AKAW Week 19

    Today another little birdie flew off to a new home, and these are my forever girls, my Kenner family. I am SO grateful these girls are able to stay.

  • ADAD 266/366

    Today has been super busy and I have barely been at home, so here's another photo from yesterday's photo shoot.

  • ADAD 203/366 Inspired by Snuffy

    Today I almost died of Kenner goodness, with SO many divine photos of gorgeous Kenner's popping onto Flickr. It just made the Kenner fever ache even more, so I decided to spend some time with my girls and be grateful for them. Of course there is always ro…

  • ADAD 181/366

    I just can't stop looking at Adelaide, she has the most stunning face. I feel so so blessed to have four amazingly beautiful Kenner's who each fill a place in my heart.

  • ADAD 173/366 A thousand Thank you's

    I just don't have enough words to say how thankful and grateful I am to the beautiful Snuffy for all that she has done for me. This morning a box arrived and I couldn't wait to open and see my Charlie girl. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw that Snuff…

  • My beautiful Charlie Girl returns

    Look at Charlie. Doesn't she look amazing!!!!! I couldn't be happier with how Snuffy has made her look. Today it felt like I received a new Kenner in the mail because she just looks brand new. I am beyond thrilled and feel so very blessed. Thank you thank…

  • ADAD 48/366 My Loves

  • So Pretty

    I just adore this face SO so much.