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  • The Orange Truck, June 2013


  • Truck Stop Still Life, Lawrenceville GA, June 2013


  • Truck Stop Still Life, Two Trees Hiding Rabbit, June 2013

    2013junegasstationstilllifetreeIMG 3753

  • Atlantic Station


  • Atlantic Station

    2009 Oct 12, Atlantic Station, Atlanta, GA I love the peculiar perspective this bridge and the buildings can present, so that it feels to me that the ocean is just beyond and the skyscrapers are as lilting ships.

  • The Bridge from Midtown to Atlantic Station

    2011 Nov 19

  • Atlantic Station Bridge, Excerpt

    Nov 19 2011

  • Atlantic Station viewed from Midtown

    Nov 19 2011

  • 4:45 p.m.

  • Man in Hat with Tassels

    I thought I should get a photo of a someone taking photos. The man in the hat with the tassels was a plus.

  • The Giant Soft Fan

    Child marveling over Oldenburg's Giant Soft Fan

  • Woman with Stroller in the Art Museum

  • Before White Canvases at the MoMA

    Of course the canvases weren't just flat white canvases but here they amusingly appear to be such, the same white as the wall, but framed for meditation. My druthers had been not to capture H.o.p. as well here, to have only in the foreground the person wi…

  • Iridescent Box

  • Stairs at the MoMA

    Just to the side of Puryear's "Ladder for Booker T. Washington" were these stairs framed by a window and of course then as much a work of art to be photographed with the people moving up and down them. The woman seemed offended that I was taking a photo a…

  • Puryear's "Ladder for Booker T. Washington" at the MoMA

    This is the same man who was standing before Rousseau's "Sleeping Gypsy". Something about his face and demeanor caught my attention and I was thrilled to capture him again, this time speaking with a woman in thigh-high black boots and fur collar.

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