chibimonki's photos

  • One Piece - Banpresto - The Grandline Men vol.13 FRANKY

    I received one more figure for was Franky! Everything about him is suuper!!

  • One Piece - Banpresto ~The Grandline Men Vol.11~ MARCO

    Another addition to my small 'One Piece' Collection. I love the detail in the Grandline Men series.

  • Lego 10220 x Luffy & Ace

    Luffy and Ace plan to take the lego VW bus for a ride. x-posted

  • Zuzu Delf TOYA - LRRH

    It's been a while, but my TOYA decided to say "hello".

  • Link @ Ardenwood Historical Farm

    Took Link to the farm for another outdoor photo shoot.

  • Link @ Alameda Creek Regional Trail

    Took Link on a bike ride today and took some outdoor photos.

  • Karel Capek Tea

    I've been working on blogging a bit, so I posted a little entry regarding my tea tins as well as a bit about my collection.

  • ...what?

    You know when you really want something, and maybe... just maybe, you over do it? Just a little. x-posted

  • BBQ at the park

    This weekend I have a feeling there will be a lot of BBQ's going on, although I won't be participating. My pinkys wanted to have their own! x-posted

  • miko

    New space, new place. An image taken specifically for an association thread on pinky-street forum in an effort to get the game moving...or more pinkys photographed. ^^; x-posted

  • grouchy internet

    All these internet things and changes are starting to get on my nerves.

  • little sonics

    TESTING.Uploading a lower res version of my little Sonics and attempting to keep my description as minimal as possible so it's mostly viewable.

  • l'arc~en~ciel x pinky:st: yukihiro

    Test. If I upload directly from my larger files it turns out kinda gross looking. Limited amount of text is viewable in description, and I will have to put these images in Photoshop first to make my images a smaller size. :(