Straight Lines .....

Black & white & a touch more.......

Straight Lines .....

The Sunday Challenge .... TSC ......Straight Lines .... Image 2 in NTSC as my sub has expired !!

"Rheas "

"Rheas".....Originated from South America related to the Ostrich & Emu, they are flightless birds. Many thanks for your comments in advance they are as always much appreciated, sorry if I'm late commenting on yours, but I have a Family crisis at the moment, but will get to you in time if a little late ...

Web of Deceit !!

THE SUNDAY CHALLEGE .......Last week we did All About Color so this week let's do just Black and White. Process as you wish. Taken from my garden after a wet day ... with a little bit of editing .

Window Dressing !!

NOT THE SUNDAY CHALLENGE....... Black & White only no colour

Start up ....

Only 2 survived out of 42 that were built of this 1932 Blackburn B2 .... One in the Museum & this one is still flying today History link .....

Needle & Cotton

THE SUNDAY CHALLENGE ........Something easy for this week: Fill A Glass Container with objects The glass container may be a jar, vase, jug, etc. The objects may be a collection, identical objects or whatever you want to use EXCEPT liquids These are my Mums old Cotton Reels which are stored in a Kilner Jar on display See pip also

London Eye

Taken from a boat going along in the Thames so had to be quick ......Back from my stay in London will catch up with you all soon as ......Thanks for your comments as always much appreciated !!!

A Mad Tea Party !!

The Sunday Challenge ......This week the challenge image is your choice - BUT it must be in black and white. Process or not - your choice but I would like to see the color version of your photograph as a PIP. Have fun and tap into your creative minds Don't you just love Alice in Wonder Land .....I do !!! Everyone want's some magical solution for their problem and everyone refuses to believe in Magic. ~The Mad Hatter ...said ~

They all look the same to me !!!

The Sunday Challenge..... SURREAL
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