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  • Young Love !!

    The Sunday Challenge .......Contrast .. Have put original in the pip

  • End of the longest Pier in the World

    Longest Pier in the world at Southend is 1.33 Miles ....2.14 Kilometres... I walked this & train ride back. It's had a tragic History & is only in a shadow of it's former glory ......Link ..... en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Southend_Pier Thank you for your…

  • Baby Wren

    I have had Wrens nesting in my garden for 6yrs, just recently 3 have fledged but they kept hidden. This is how it came off the camera no highlighting of the blue & was quite happy to pose ......Taken from my Archives ......

  • Waterhole ...Reflection !!

    The Bird Bath serves another purpose !!.....Please view large .. It is a true reflection !!! ....

  • Pure Elegance !!!!!

    After I left the tea party I went to this lovely little quaint Bookshop a little gem with some old Newspapers, Posters, LP's as well as the Books some vey old a few in different languages ...... I found this wonderful what I could describe as a Magazi…

  • Celebrations !!

    THE SUNDAY CHALLENGE .....Your hometown. Something about where you live or work. A house, a building a community event, a tree. My contribution is a community event ..... I have been going to this Antique Centre for 40yrs.. ( has cost me a fortune over…

  • Tiger Lily

  • Raven at the Tower of London

    The History of the Ravens at the Tower of London en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ravens_of_the_Towe r_of_London Best viewed large

  • A Pen !!!!

    THE SUDAY CHALLENGE ......Eyes The challenge: EYES (taken from the list of member's suggestions) This is open to interpretation so tap into your inner creativity. :) Original in pip

  • Tower Bridge

    No introduction really !!,......Been so Hot in London as else where around the World !!! Back from my stay in London will catch up with you all soon as ......Thanks for your comments as always much appreciated !!!

  • London Eye

    Taken from a boat going along in the Thames so had to be quick ......Back from my stay in London will catch up with you all soon as ......Thanks for your comments as always much appreciated !!!

  • Have a Happy Weekend !!!

    Found this lurking in my fruit bowl ....... I'm off for a few days to London so will catch up with you all soon !!! Is anybody having trouble with IP .....I'm finding there are no photos or comment boxes at times + other peoples photos come & go + I get…

  • Green Woodpecker

  • Peaches & Cream

    From my Daughters garden & it smells divine !!!.....

  • Needle & Cotton

    THE SUNDAY CHALLENGE ........Something easy for this week: Fill A Glass Container with objects The glass container may be a jar, vase, jug, etc. The objects may be a collection, identical objects or whatever you want to use EXCEPT liquids These are…

  • Start up ....

    Only 2 survived out of 42 that were built of this 1932 Blackburn B2 .... One in the Museum & this one is still flying today History link ..... en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blackburn_B-2

  • Hamlet of Battlesbridge

    Battlesbridge is a very small Hamlet with a Large Antique centre . Best viewed large Link ..... en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battlesbridge

  • Legs !!

    THE SUNDY CHALLNGE ......LEGS As I was unable to find any stairs for last week's challenge it's a double whammy ....Someone's LEGS Which were taken on a metal spiral staircase covering 3 floors more like a " Helter Skelter " !!

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