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190 Million Years old

05 Sep 2020 22 23 84
The Sunday Challenge ......... Jan's suggestion of 'Something Old', with Marj's suggestion of 'The Oldest Thing in Your House' In PIPS Fossil Fish 52 Million Years old

Cabbage White on Lavender

Wasp ? ...Bee ? or Hornet ?....It's a Hoverfly !!!

06 Jul 2013 20 28 76
I am a bit nervous of Wasps after I unintentionally disturb a nest under my Mum Walnut tree picking up the Nuts. I was stung quite badly some were in my hair, luckily it was in October & they were a bit drowsy. But it was frightening with a swarm after you I dropped all the Walnuts & ran never went back for them for weeks !!

I can see you !!!

30 Aug 2020 23 23 84
The Sunday Challenge ...... A MASK(S)

Summer time !!

" Happy Birthday Riley "

17 Aug 2020 17 14 71
My Grandsons 9th Birthday today. I am going for a BBQ birthday bash so will catch up with your images later. I thank you for your comments as always & keep safe it is still out there !!!!

A Summer Garden

Canary Wharf London

22 Jul 2018 15 10 55
Taken whilst on a Cable Car with my Phone

Poppy has a visiter

Canned Laughter !!!...

22 Aug 2020 19 31 85
The Sunday Challenge ....... Something related to a moment of laughter in our past. I LoVe Ikea any chance of going I'm there, I was with my Daughter at this particular time a couple of years ago. We spent a whole day there as usual . When we finished going through the Checkout, we decided to have one of their Hotdogs before heading home. We purchased our little feast & approached the help yourself dispenser of Mustard & Tomato sauce I only like the later, gave myself a generous helping, then my Daughter said Mum what you doing putting Strawberry Sauce on. By the time I scraped it off I was left with a soggy mess in a pile, we both fell about laughing I had sauce everywhere. So the Tins of Hotdogs remind me of that day & I knew I had taken a photo after a lot of searching found it &. It's in the PIP. The Strawberry Sauce was for the Ice Cream why put them so close together is beyond me but it gave us a laugh !!! No I didn't eat it went into the bin .....

Holly Blue on a Japanese Azalea


26 May 2012 15 10 68
Crop Only. Hope you are all having a lovely day & stay safe & aware !!!

Pumpkin Flower

01 Aug 2017 25 13 104
Have a great new week & keep safe it's still out there !!!!!

Cool Drink !!

15 Aug 2020 19 13 92
The Sunday Challenge ........Take a photograph of something you've never taken before It has been a very Hot week, had a class of ice cold drink one of many . My first photo of this new Flamingo Glass.... 2 pips

A Duck or Two !!

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