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  • Seen better days !!!

    For ....The Sunday Challenge ..... transition..... I couldn't make my mind up of the two see pips ......which is Rosehips .... "And still the Dog Rose shines in the hedge "......."John Montague".... Austin Healey 100/4 1954 ..... in my garage waitin…

  • The Lions Den !!

    I was trying to get a photo through a wire fence & foliage & he spotted me then I got this glare & then he squinted ....he soon lost interest & looked the other way......2nd image in PIP ,

  • Rainbow Lorikeet

    Rainbow Lorikeet Trichoglossus haematodus Psittacidae Rainbow Lorikeets are widespread in eastern and northern Australia, and also around Perth. Separated from their natural range by thousands of kilometres, the feral Rainbow Lorikeets of Perth had…

  • Step in the right direction !!

    The Sunday Challenge .......Repeating patterns & Items ... Press Z or click image for large

  • ♥♥♥...I AdOre...♥♥♥

  • Have a beautiful day !!

    ID ... anyone ?,,,,,,, thanks to everyone ID sorted ....Hibiscus !!

  • Whoops a daisy !!!

    This is from my archives ....... I have only seen 4 Ladybirds this Summer .... unbelievable !!!

  • Hands Up !!......if you are Guilty ?

    The Sunday challenge......Kitsch... This my own interpretation of Kitsch !! These hands were in a shop window display,.....I have put the original into the NTSG group, as I can't do PIPs at the moment. The hands are for putting your rings on ....

  • Humboldt Penguin (Spheniscus humboldti)

    I went to the Zoo recently with my Grandson......I'm not really a great lover of Zoo's ... but because of man's greed & the environmental damage, all the Animals will be lost, so now I look at it in a different perspective ........I only just wish they h…

  • Cabbage White

    Cabbage White on a Japanese Anemone .... I only seem to be able to catch the Whites & that's hard at times as they hardly settle !!

  • Out of Africa ....

    Wish you all a lovely week !! Another name for my image suggested by Pam......Heads or Tails !!

  • Washday Blues !!

    The Sunday Challenge .....TSC....metal.. rusty - shiny - whatever It would be enough to give you the Washday Blues if you had to resort back to the old Mangel !!! Have a lovely Sunday all !!!

  • Camera Shy !!

  • Forget me not

    Have a lovely week !!! I LoVe these tiny flowers my garden has been covered in them !!!

  • Don't Blow !!

    The Sunday Challenge ..... Inversion If dandelions were hard to grow, they would be most welcome on any lawn. ~Andrew Mason~

  • ~Hydrangea~

    Wishing you all a happy day !!!......High key + negative best viewed on black

  • ~ Cone flower ~

    Echinacea purpurea Alba it is a tough perennial with a long season of interest. Sturdy stems of daisy-like flowers with white petals and a central cone that’s green turning to yellow which attracts many bees and butterflies to your garden. They are real g…

  • Spot on !!

    The Sunday Challenge ......Polka-Dots

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