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Get strong again Andy xx

20 May 2021 12 7 96
For Andy..... Keep fighting !!! Only just found out tonight from Pam. My thoughts are with you Andy & sending cyber energy to fight this !!!
03 Apr 2021 13 17 163
The Sunday Challenge........Anything at all to do with Easter. This will be my last photo owing to having builders in so much to do prior to that . I just don't have the time at the moment. I have just renewed my Subscription so will be back when time allows. Please all take care it is still out there & I wish you all a Happy Easter see you soon xx

Caught out !!!

27 Mar 2021 18 32 145
The Sunday Challenge ..... Take a picture of a mirror showing your surroundings. A photo of my Grandson on the wall. I have not been well so only done the challenge quickly yesterday.


15 Mar 2021 24 12 169
Morning has broken like the first Morning. Blackbird has spoken like the first Bird ... Author ~ Eleanor Farjeon ~ The song of the Blackbird to me is heaven !!!

Drift Wood

06 Mar 2021 21 25 131
The Sunday Challenge.......Unusual or odd shaped items This is one piece of Drift Wood which I found interesting as to how many forms there are. The size is about 8in ....20cm. These are what I see. Main image.....Medieval Shoe. PIPs .... 1)....Laid to rest !! 2)....A Molar 3)....Anteater 4)....Winklepicker Shoe 5)....Scull of a Bird 6)....Jumbo Jet

End of .......

05 Mar 2021 29 18 210
" Appreciate the little things there are so many "

Not going anywhere !!!

21 Jan 2021 18 11 131
Taken over 2 Tree Island ......This boat never moves always in the same place. It was a very calm day a few weeks ago & the tide was creeping in. amazing how fast when not watching & looking through Camera viewer......Keep safe & hope you get your vaccination real soon !!!

Having a nibble ....

15 Oct 2020 23 15 153
" Look deep into Nature and then you will understand everything better " .... Author ... ~ Albert Einstein ~

Pewter Snuffer

27 Feb 2021 24 21 122
The Sunday Challenge ........A cone, or cones, or something cone-shaped.

Dressed for Rehearsal!!

Brrrrrrr...So Cold !!

11 Feb 2021 24 22 94
The Sunday Challenge ......New on Old ...... New fresh Snow on an old Bench .... "Kindness is like snow- It beautifies everything it covers."...~ Author Kahlil Gibran ~ Keep well everyone we must beat this so stay safe !!!

Up the Creek !!

08 Feb 2021 18 14 102
Taken before the Snow came near Leigh Creek ...Stay safe & well all !!!


29 Jan 2021 23 23 131
The Sunday Challenge .....Something Iconic' This is a canvas bag especially made for Marks & Spencer's a large leading retailer in the UK & a far, with the B&W colour block of the Iconic Twiggy a model from the 60's keep safe all !!

~Dahlia ~

25 Jan 2021 19 16 95
For Pam & Marie-Claire xxx

Water !!!

23 Jan 2021 20 18 109
The Sunday Challenge ....Water. I took a ride to a small place "Two Tree Island." Used to be a refuge dump now a nature reserve which nature has reclaimed !! Took every precaution & was safe.


30 Oct 2019 21 17 127
The Sunday Challenge ...Textures. Date 10/1/21. From my Archives.

It's getting closer !!!

17 Dec 2017 46 82 679
The Sunday Challenge .....light bulbs .... I am using an old archive for this Christmas message. I wish everyone on ipernity a beautiful safe Christmas & hope that 2021 will be a better year for us all. Love to you all Marj x

Cannibalism seems rife here !!!

11 Mar 2020 9 14 75
The Sunday Challenge .....It looks like we still can't upload to the site, so another week where we can dig into the archives. Same as last week, find a photo with less than 3 comments that hasn't been in the group already, and put it in the group, lets show some love for our forgotten masterpieces. Extra credit if you can find a festive one. Found in a park. I found this amusing !!!...From my archive

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