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  • Anisum

    Anisum's page in the "My Merry & Mad Maidens"-book. Every girl will get a page like this in their fav. colour (incl. a note they wrote theirselfs ;-P ) She's my seventh girl in my Plastic Fabtastic Family, a Miss Sally Rice.

  • It's sunny & warm, we want to play with water!

    The wild bunch of my gimals wanted to play with some water but the old pump didn't work...

  • "no dogs allowed"

    Cara is my mom's Tailor Gibson, she's over here for a vacation so I'm taking her out ^_^

  • No weeping angels, just a sad lady...

    Cara felt pity for the lady and went to sit close to her for a while to keep her company...

  • Spaghetti-night

    Amarone's may certainly look more appealing but mine was delicious! :-D

  • Troublesome spoon

    a portrait of a troubled spoon

  • Heart of a flower

    This flower macro of a peony rose is a part of the "Flowers" serie.

  • Buddha in the Jade Buddha Temple, Shanghai (China)

    An altar with a female-like Buddha surrounded with warriors. This is at the ancient Jade Buddha Temple in Shanghai. (The center of the picture (Buddha's face) is in focus, softfocus towards the edges. This effect is created by my fisheyelense. )

  • Troops & Rex

  • Playing games

  • Circaea enjoys some monkeybarrelcandy

  • It's SpaceSpud's birthday

  • SpaceSpud got a Buzz Lightyear actionfigure

  • Space pizza

  • Rex is the real pig!

  • Operation Cake

  • Martians

  • Cookies & Balloons

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