Gloomymort's photos

  • Fineshed Dress for Shann

    Well here it is all done! I'll get postage for you asap ^_^

  • Avalible Fabrics

    1. Yellow- this is a rather course fabric but a fantastic colour 2. Laura ashleigh white with pink and grey flowers- this is a vintage and used fabric (it used to be curtians in my room when I was a child) I dont have an aful lot of this left so once its…

  • Current Lace options

    I thought i had alot more lace than i currently do (i have off cuts of things but thats not good) but these are my current options for commishions

  • The Blue Bell Wood

    I have been meening to get to this wood since the winter befor last! i missed seeing it last summer (possibly due to the really naff weather) but we made it this time.

  • Baby deer

    I fear this deer has gone the way flickr is going... dead on its feet.

  • Contemplating the state of things

    I didnt think that i would be uploading these photos to anywhere but flickr but considering recent events i just feel like fickr isnt the place it used to be... infact the whole of the internet just dosent feel how it used to, maby this whole thing will e…

  • Sunlight and flowers

  • Shock? wonder?

    Nope! smarites! Taken at the Eden project in cornwall ^_^ Only added this so i could have something to fill my photo of me box and this is my fave pic of me right now...

  • Locks, Dreads and Kimonos

    The first Visit to the Double lock in quite a long while! so much has changed here for instance Double Locks dog has died! and the pub has changed hands yet again... if i had the cash its something i would definatly buy.

  • OMG real Snow!

    I spent christmas up at my boyfriends house and seeing as i took Emily up with me i took some pics Yay the gargoyle!! i wish i brought Emily's grrr hands with me...