Mark Magin's photos

  • Oil---787

    Oil on canvas paper.

  • Oil---786

    Oil on canvas paper.

  • Cloud study. Watercolor. Just because.

  • Gum over Ziatype. So Gummytype I guess :-)

  • Lith print on Adox MCC 110.

  • Gum Bichromate. Flowering Plum Tree and Tetsubin. 5x7 negative. Burke and James. Industar 51

  • Caffenol as a paper developer. Ilford Art 300 5x7. Nice color and tone although it is just a bit splotchy.

  • RcVcWarm--174

    Love my G-Claron 210mm f9 Process lens. Works beautifully at f32 or f45 and has lots of room for movements with 5x7. Darkroom contact print on Ilford Multigrade Warmtone - RcVc. Foma 100 5x7 film. Have a Cyanotype of this too but lost the delicacy of the…

  • A lesser mans version of George Davison's The Onion Field... :-) Gum Bichromate on Fabriano Cold press watercolor paper.

  • Gum Bichromate 5x7 Hp5 film Burke and James with Caltar II 210 lens.

  • Salt----834

    Salt print Burke and James 5x7 Field camera Hp5+ film Creek passing through Albany Rural Cemetery.

  • Gum Bichromate on inexpensive (read cheap!) watercolor paper. Arista 100 4x5 in Caffenol. Shen Hao with probably the 135mm Nikkor.

  • Cyanotype from an HP-5 negative.

  • Salt print on Fabriano Artistica Watercolor paper. Bit low on contrast with this negative but each print is a teachable moment. And who can ask for more then that really?

  • Salt print on Fabriano Artistico watercolor paper. Delta 100 in Caffenol. Cambo 4x5 with Industar 51 lens.

  • Winter Barn Cyanotype. Toned in tea and coffee. From a 35mm c41 negative printed on Pictorico.

  • Cyanotype-980

  • Cyanotype-981

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