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  • middie Zukin FA

    on BK and DA

  • Up for adoption

    at BK and DA

  • Phoebe and Simone

    They're soooo cute!!!!

  • New dress in the shop I just love this little middie! She's so cute!

  • Stevie!

    Just adopted this little cutie who has been known as Stevie after Stevie Nicks of Fleetwood Mac. She's awesome!

  • curlers in her hair

    she needs an after photo!

  • Customs

    I know her hair did not look like this in the seller's photo. Do you suppose they X-ray them?

  • Ruby got to go on an adventure

    A couple of weeks ago my daughter and I went for a drive to a State Park and Ruby got to go. I realized later this was my first time taking a Blythe out in public since hubby passed away....

  • what the?????

    you never know what you will find in my art room!!!

  • I adore her!!!

    She just has so much personality!!!

  • copying

    I know, this shot's been done, wanted to do my own version...

  • she's cool and she knows it

    My new faux cozy - Chance

  • Halloween Costume by Smitten with Blythe

  • short set by Smitten with Blythe

  • pjs by Smitten with Blythe

  • quilt by Smitten with Blythe

  • short set by Smitten With Blythe

  • dress by Smitten with Blythe

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