Highgate cemetery: Grave of William Thornton

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  • Highgate cemetery: Grave of William Thornton

    Grave of William Henry "Harry" Thornton (1883 to 1918), who was a classical pianist and played music for the troops in World War One. This grave in happier times: www.flickr.com/photos/69389735@N04/63091 45841 or www.flickr.com/photos/65211201@N00/34468 9…

  • Highgate cemetery

    Old picture

  • Highgate cemetery: The beautiful cat endures

    More info: www.sniksnak.com/lore3.html (The Immortal) This is the grave of the daughter of Stan Kelly-Bootle: www.sarcheck.com/skb/soda0407.htm en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stan_Kelly-Bootle

  • Highgate cemetery

    Old picture

  • Grave of the German publicist K.H. Marx

    The Dutch professor Karel van het Reve once remarked that there are very few people around who think that Marx produced nothing of substance. People tend to think that Marx was wrong in certain aspects, but not in the general sense. Van het Reve took the…

  • Tombstone of Gerrit van de Linde

    Dutch19th century poet and writer. Wrote under the pseudonym De Schoolmeester (the Schoolmaster), because after fleeing Holland he started a boarding school in Highgate. That flight became necessary after he had an affair with the wife of a university pro…

  • Gravestone in the Hooglandse Kerk (Highlands Church) in Leiden

  • This grave has to remain closed

  • Remembrance stone: there was a cemetery here

    Translation: "From 1655 this bulwark was a cemetery. Non-denominational cemetery from 1859 to 1935 Partly Jewish cemetery from 1874 to 1961" The fortications of Leiden were used and are still used for cemeteries This cemetery was removed to make way fo…

  • The grave of the counts of Holland at Rijnsburg

    The names are as follows: William I (ca. 1167-1222) Count of Holland from 1203 Floris IV (1210-1234 Count of Holland from 1222 Floris V (1254-1296) Count of Holland from 1256 John I (1284-1299) Count of Holland from 1296 The red paint is graffiti. Appar…

  • Seal of the counts of Holland

    This seal can be found on the grave of the counts just outside the modern parish church of Rijnsburg. It used to be the abbey of Rijnsburg.

  • The grave of the counts of Holland at Rijnsburg

    More information: www.mokumtv.nl/holland2.html (in Dutch) and here: www.st-jacob.nl/botoorl.htm

  • The grave of Gerrit van de Linde (De Schoolmeester) in Hornsey Church Yard

    See also this older picture: www.flickr.com/photos/govert1970/8652804 1/

  • Hornsey Church Yard

    The grave of Gerrit van de Linde is to the left, invisible in the picture

  • Hornsey Church Yard

    The grave of Gerrit van de Linde is to the right, behind the lamp post.

  • The grave of William Friese Greene in Highgate

    Friese Greene's work was recently the subject of a television series. More info on the website www.bbc.co.uk/history/programmes/openroa d/ See here for the plaque commerating his birthplace: www.flickr.com/photos/bartmaguire/346221 56/

  • Bismarck Tower: Aachen

    View from the tower. These are the graves of the German war dead from the First and Second World War.

  • Text on the Manpad monument

    The monument was put there in 1817 by the writer David van Lennep, who lived nearby, to commemmorate the battle at the Manpad. The battle at the Manpad never took place however. More folklore then reality. Text in Dutch: "Ter eere van Witte van Haemstede…

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