• Amsterdam Central Station

  • Stadhuisbrug in Utrecht

    With a view of the Dom tower

  • Eindhoven train station

  • Ship Greifenstein from Heilbronn in the Prins Bernhardsluizen (Prince Bernhard Locks)

  • Gate in Wijk bij Duurstede

  • Panos de Griek

    Panos the Greek

  • Heerenkleeding

    Gentlemen's clothing

  • House in Wijk bij Duurstede

  • Tile gable

    Old butcher's shopfront

  • Second World War monument

    For Cornelis Anth. van Rijn and Jantje van Niendaal. More info (in Dutch): www.4en5mei.nl/herinneren/oorlogsmonumen ten/monumenten_zo...

  • House “De Wildkamp” in Wijk bij Duurstede

    Dates from approx. 1800.

  • Rund- en varkensslagerij

    Beef and pig butcher

  • Rund-, kalfs- en varkensslagerij

    Beef, calf and pig butcher

  • Flower bulb fields

    In the flowering season you have to be on the lookout for cars that unexpectedly stop to take a picture of the flowers, special care should be taken with cars that have foreign license plates. The municipality of Noordwijkerhout put up these picture fra…

  • Hofleverancier van H.M. de Koningin

    Court Supplier of Her Majesty the Queen

  • Old farm in Voorhout

    Old farm in Voorhout

  • Unemployed cranes

    Unemployed cranes

  • The result

    Football mania in the Netherlands is frowned upon by many Dutch people, but they often look upon football mania in other countries, such as Brasil, with endearment. In the Netherlands it is crass, commercial and an expression of the wrong kind of national…

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