The castle at Vianden, Luxemburg

Belgium & Luxemburg

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  • 1970s Info

  • The University Library of Leuven University

    The original library was burned down in the First World War. This one was built with the help of American colleges and universities. It burned down in the Second World War, but it was rebuilt.

  • Here we improve your library

    The "your library" is remarkable. University libraries for years were bent on keeping grubby student hands of the books, now they call themselves "your library".

  • Belgium is not dead yet

  • Modern black cars

    Cars in Alphabetic Order: BMW for B-car and Mercedes-Benz C-class for C-car. D-car follows! Perhaps the classics of the future

  • Warm day in February

  • Five girls and one bell

  • By order of the police it is FORBIDDEN to place bicycles and mopeds in front of the windows

  • Bench in the city park in Leuven and a young dalek

  • City Park in Leuven (Belgium)

  • Convex mirror in Leuven (Belgium)

  • Old Sunlight ad in Leuven (Belgium)

  • Condemned building in Leuven

  • Convex mirror in Leuven (Belgium)

  • This lift is out of order, but it is not our responsibility

  • My Merc parked next to his older brother who is in the army

  • The feet of Napoleon

  • Belgian letter box

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