The castle at Vianden, Luxemburg

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  • The castle at Vianden, Luxemburg

    Old picture of the early 1980s. The castle was a rather empty affair. It was constructed between the 11th and 14th century. It came into the hands of the house of Nassau in 1417. In 1820 king William I of the Netherlands sold it piece by piece and it fell…

  • A quick visit to Antwerp: Sailing ship on the harbour front

    Shot from my car whilst standing before a traffic light.

  • A quick visit to Antwerp: Cathedral tower

  • Things on rooftop: nr. 14 Golden statues: Aesculapius, St. George, St. Sebastian

    Antwerp, Grote Markt

  • André Franquin exhibition in Brussels: car park with my Benz

    André Franquin was a Belgian artist who made comic strips and created several characters, like Gaston Lagaffe (Guust Flater in Dutch) and Marsupilami. The exhibition brought many things from the comic strips to life.

  • Arch to celebrate the independence of Belgium

    They were very glad to get rid of the Dutch ;-)

  • My Benz parked next to a 1982 Mercedes-Benz 230 E

  • His royal highness the count of Flanders

  • Army Museum in Brussels

    The museum describes this room as a museum in a museum.

  • The army museum is under electronic watch

  • High water at Antwerp today

    They were expecting even higher water later this week.

  • No stop sign on the ground

  • Verboden te roken / No smoking

  • Public transport in Antwerp

  • PCC tram in Antwerp

  • PCC tram in Antwerp

  • Cranes at Antwerp harbour

    last photo with my Canon T70

  • Old pics: Railway bridge in Luxemburg

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