Michiel 2005

Michiel 2005

Posted on 07/01/2014

Photo taken on June 13, 2014

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Stone depicting Samson destroying the Temple of Dagon

Stone depicting Samson destroying the Temple of Dagon
Richteren 16:25-30

Ende het geschiedde, als haer herte vrolick was, dat sy seyden; Roept Simson, dat hy voor ons spele: ende sy riepen Simson uyt het gevangenhuys, ende hy speelde voor hare aengesichten, ende sy deden hem staen tusschen de pilaren.

Doe seyde Simson tot den jongen, die hem by de hant hielt; Laet my gaen, dat ick de pilaren betaste, op de welcke het huys gevestigt is, dat ick daer aen lene.

Het huys nu was vol mannen ende wijven; oock waren daer alle Vorsten der Philistijnen: ende op het dack waren omtrent drye duysent mannen ende vrouwen, die toesagen als Simson speelde.

Doe riep Simson tot den HEERE, ende seyde: Heere, HEERE, gedenckt doch mijner, ende sterckt my doch alleenlick ditmael, o Godt; Dat ick my met eene wrake voor mijne twee oogen aen de Philistijnen wreke.

Ende Simson vattede de twee middelste pilaren, op dewelcke het huys was gevesticht, ende waerop het steunde; den eenen met sijne rechterhant, ende den anderen met sijne slinckerhant.

Ende Simson seyde; Mijne ziele sterve met de Philistijnen; ende hy booch sich met kracht, ende het huys viel op de Vorsten, ende op al het volck, dat daer in was: ende der dooden, die hy in sijn sterven gedoodt heeft, waren meer, als die hy in sijn leven gedoodt hadde.

Judges 16:25-30

And it came to pass, when their hearts were merry, that they said, Call for Samson, that he may make us sport. And they called for Samson out of the prison house; and he made them sport: and they set him between the pillars.

And Samson said unto the lad that held him by the hand, Suffer me that I may feel the pillars whereupon the house standeth, that I may lean upon them.

Now the house was full of men and women; and all the lords of the Philistines were there; and there were upon the roof about three thousand men and women, that beheld while Samson made sport.

And Samson called unto the LORD, and said, O Lord GOD, remember me, I pray thee, and strengthen me, I pray thee, only this once, O God, that I may be at once avenged of the Philistines for my two eyes.

And Samson took hold of the two middle pillars upon which the house stood, and on which it was borne up, of the one with his right hand, and of the other with his left.

And Samson said, Let me die with the Philistines. And he bowed himself with all his might; and the house fell upon the lords, and upon all the people that were therein. So the dead which he slew at his death were more than they which he slew in his life.

Cheered me up no end that has...
4 years ago.
Michiel 2005 has replied to Latium
It happened a long time ago.
4 years ago.
4 years ago.
Rosemary Matthews
Rosemary Matthews
And so... Samson was victorious with the help of Almighty God against the idol worshipers.
Thanks for posting to Bible Verses Illustrated.
3 years ago.
Michiel 2005 has replied to Rosemary Matthews
You're welcome.
3 years ago.