Melissa Brown's photos

  • Little dead girl

    Love this sweetie.

  • Agnes

    thoughtful rest

  • Adelaide and the smoke bush

    Spending time at the Royal Botanical Gardens again.

  • Fern

    more of Fern! I just can't get enough of her.

  • you brighten my day


  • lucky Girl

    A special thank-you to MJ for letting me adopt her! To Pam for helping me find her!.... and to Kris for creating such a sweet little thing!

  • Afternoon delight

    Favorite tea, flowers from the garden and a kenner. What could be better?

  • Ophelia

    Wearing a sweet dress made by Marina. Love this so much. :-) It has always been on one girl or another since I first got it.

  • a moof in the forest

    love my mohair Moof!

  • Ophelia with me

    favorite girl

  • hello!

    Ophelia hangs out on the eames "hang it all"