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Tricorp .50BMG Corrosive Sascramax

Tricorp .50BMG Corrosive Sascramax

A firearm from Tricorp's Heavy Weapons Facility, the Sascramax is chambered in full power .50cBMG (C for Corrosive), dousing the target in corrosive jelly while ripping them apart. Should your unlawful opponent run towards you in an armourded vehicle, this powerful blaster will shred him and his ride. The version shown is the Tactical, with a 26" barrel and compact 50 round drum for those trailing belts. The optical equipment is built into the weapon, and though it lacks iron sights, they are unnecessary on a gun of this type. Weighing a large amount, the Tricorp Sascramax should only be handled by fully suited enforcement personnel.

Tricorp Enforcement: For all your anti-bandit needs.

Oh yes, it ejects out of the front, by that little red and green triangle.


First Machine gun in ages, yay! :D

Broski- done with flickr
Broski- done with fl…
sounds dangerous, i like the idea of corrosive rounds
3 years ago.