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  • 9/12/14 - TINO CAN SWIM.

    I've been a little paranoid about getting driven off a bridge one day while Tino is in the car and him not being able to swim, so I've been constantly on the look out for a chance to find out if he can. Well, the state park down the road from us has a wat…

  • Contemplating pools.

    In the kiddie pool, learning what a pool is.

  • 9/12/14 - Meeting the Vizslas

    There were two other vizslas at the pups in the pool event! They belonged to the same woman. She was deaf, so we communicated through a mix of mouthing words, giving general hand signals, and pulling her phone out to type when we got stuck. She was really…

  • 8/12/Steven - He's getting so white.

    He's been refusing to model this month.

  • 8/12/14 - Like father, like son.

    This is a shot you couldn't set up even if you tried, especially with film! Tino is in the background. His father, Phobos, is in the foreground.

  • 7/12/Steven - Ferris wheel.

    This is the second year we've participated in a doggy event at the Delaware State Fair. Unfortunately it rained for most of it! It stopped raining near the end, though, so I was able to snap a few photos. We aren't supposed to take the dogs out of the ent…

  • 7/12/Tino - Beezer boys!

    Tino goes NUTS when he sees other Ibizan Hounds. Obviously this doesn't happen often, and he isn't allowed to play with ones at shows. We were at lure coursing last weekend though, and he was allowed to say hello. First he was playing with two boy beezer…

  • 6/12/Tino - Tino and his Dad.

    In Brooklyn.

  • 6/12/Steven - Pride.

    I don't normally do posed portraits like this, but I keep picking up little things at Party City with the intention of doing some and this felt more important than the other silly things I get. June is Pride month across the world, with June 28 in parti…

  • 5/12/Steven - Outtake.

    Steve was posing nicely for me, but then he kept moving, bit by bit. I was confused because that is so unlike him, he doesn't want to risk getting in trouble. Turns out there was a bulldog behind me and he wanted to say hello :)

  • 5/12/Tino - Hmmmm where's the Beezer?

    Tino likes to rest his nose on the window's edge and hang his jaw a bit, so his little front teefs are showing. It's the same thing he does with his water bowl. He's so silly.

  • 4/12/Tino - Social.

    We're going with a hat theme this month! Tino at the ice cream social, part of Greyhounds Reach the Beach Spring 2014 at Dewey Beach.

  • 4/12/Steven - Birthday time!

    Steven turned 9 on the 16th. He's such a good boy. This is the 5th or 6th year I've done a birthday portrait, I think. 10 minutes to midnight still counts for April, right?!

  • 3/12/Tino - Narrow.

    He has started hanging out in my room during the day, watching out the windows and napping on my bed. It's really strange.

  • 3/12/Steven - Travels.

    This has been a good month for unique Steven photos! We went on our trip to Richmond, which I LOVED. We had perfect weather too, 70 degrees both days, with the sun coming out just after this photo. His surgery went perfectly. It couldn't have gone much be…

  • 2/12/Tino - Tino and his tiger.

    Tino loves his Tiger. It's his favorite. I don't get it, at all. It was actually one of my stuffed animals... no squeaker or anything interesting. All of his other toys have holes and limbs/ears/tails missing, but not tiger. Tiger he cuddles with and groo…

  • 2/12/Steven - The artist himself.

    With the weather, I've taken 0 film photos this month, so it's phone pics for February's photos. It's apparently a small size, too, so looks fuzzy. Steven has a horrible mouth. It smells, it's yucky, and sometimes it bleeds. I found a great discount vet…

  • 1/12/Steven - It's cold.

    Soooo I put 0% into doing Steve's photo this month. It's been cold, my car sucks, he's been being difficult any time I take him out in public, and just blah. I have literally two options - this one, or him modeling a collar, and I'm not about to use a col…

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