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don't usually say this but much better on the black background.

abstract on black TSC

just made it I think!


The bag on the left is my least favourite present, (mind you, I only got 3 presents so not many to choose from!) And I don't not like it so much as wonder why I got it. The person who kindly bought it for me had asked my hubby if I'd like a lovely pair of slippers they'd seen, ooh yes said I to hubby and was looking forward to some new in-house footwear. Maybe they'd have sparkles! So it was a bit of a surprise to get a backpack from the person. It's no good as a camera bag (if that was the thought behind…

TSC Favourite shot 2018

Back in October, hubby and I did a road trip incorporating France, Belgium, Germany and Holland. The culminations of the trip ended up at a big scale model show where the hubby had stuff in the competition. On the first night we met up with modellers we hadn't seen for ages, and spent the evening laughing a lot and having a few (!) beers. I took this shot of the chaps with my iPhone and it puts a smile on my face remembering that holiday and the fun of it all.
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