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Fraggles Rocks

Painting rocks and hiding them in public places is a thing that started in the USA and of course swiftly followed on over here. Every town has it's own facebook page, and if you find a rock you're supposed to photograph it, post it up to the relevant facebook page, and re-hide the rock somewhere else. I've found a few on my photographic outings and though not re-hidden, I've taken the shots and posted them. The persons who painted them are usually a Mum/Kid combination and are quite excited to see their roc…

MM Shopping

My memory is too bad to go shopping without a list, and a pen to tick off what I've bought!

Tai Haku

The Alnwick Gardens have an orchid of over 300 Japanese cherry blossom trees. Known as the ‘great white cherry’ for the unusually large, pure white flowers, Tai Haku trees are noted for their ornamental beauty. This is, apparently the largest collection of Tai Haku cherries in the world. Popular in ancient Japan, the variety was thought to be lost for good, until a single tree was discovered in a garden in Surrey in 1923, and all these are descended from that one tree. They only bloom for 5 to 6 days, and w…

Something funny

Bart does it for me.


Back in days of yore, my Mum and Dad went on holiday to Italy, where they bought a little oil painting of a clown (PIP1) because, my Mum said - it reminded her of me! I don't see it myself! Thanks to hubby for the make up job (PIP2) :)

vermicelli noodles

I've had this packet of singapore noodles for ages so was very happy to try them out for MM, they were delicious! PIP's for end result :)
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