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  • Fashionistas

    Lolly,Turtle,Compass & Jujube

  • Jujube in the looking glass

    Jujube: Am I pretty?

  • Relaxed Compass

    She's learning how to use her Ipad,so that she can start a blog...maybe???

  • Working on Geneology

    Compass: What's all this? Me: I'm working on my familiy tree. Compass: Will you do mine next?

  • Beautiful Compass

    My special little girl!!

  • We got a new hat

    Jujube loves the color green,so she grabbed this gorgeous hat when it arrived today. Thanks so much Freddy!!

  • New FamilEE photo

    Introducing Gee,Twiny of Fee!

  • My lovelies!

    I just can't get enough of them! In order of arrival: Lolly,Turtle,Compass & Jujube

  • Sweet little Turtle

  • The EEs are all together again!

    Vee is home and better than ever!! Thanks to Dancecat!!!

  • Lolly

    As sweet as she is beautiful *horseonthemoor custom Blythe

  • Compass looking romantical

  • My lil' red Harley

  • I wonder what Charly is doing...

    And why she wants privacy?

  • Compass & Teddie

    The Traveling Blythe at her forever home with me!

  • Compass The Traveling Blythe

    As beautiful as they come. Happibug Custom Blythe

  • Compass

  • True Love!!

    I know i'm not the only one to love her!! Compass is loved by all her host families,and she loves you all too!!

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