Mark Stafford's photos

  • 05-right-side

  • 06-plan-n-pilot

  • 03-rear-shots

  • 02-left-side

  • 01-Vertifin

    Viper class - Vertifin fighter of the Grikka Hegemony.

  • SP3-CS-Concept

    A Space Police Concept model - first shown in Brick journal a few years back. I built this to see if an update to the Classic Space look was appealing to the kids - it didn't beat the other models, in fact they all tested about the same so a little of thi…

  • 00-R-Wing

    Built back in 2006 for the R-Wing competition on FBTB. It was two months before I was interviewed to become a Designer at LEGO and featured in my portfolio. So it's one of the models that got me to invited to the interview workshop!

  • Kings Cloud

    From 2007. Not sure I like this anymore, but it still has a few nice touches.

  • Griffin-Mecha

    This was my first Mecha when I built it 10 years ago! Time flies.

  • VPR-Proto

    If the SP3 Raid VPR had been $5 more in the shops this is how it would have looked. I think I prefer the final version but this isn't bad!

  • Space-Truck

    This one is now 10 years old! Hard to believe. Wish I had the original photo's as the jpgs I have are very poor!

  • Gargoyle

    Another old one - from 2006. Cleaned up and better presented.

  • Cane-Toad

    Another old one, cleaned the image up a little though.

  • Cobalt S3

    Starfighter from a few years back.

  • Space-Marine

    Sculpted the head myself over a LEGO Buzz Lightyear head, the rest is all LEGO, though a few parts were painted.