Blueray Devin's photos

  • Bapple

  • Evolution of an Avatar

    Yes I know some of the font is wonky, no I don't care.

  • Unicorn girl

    I got the unicorn girl out again, outfit matches her hooves better.

  • Television

    This is how I watch TV

  • Office

    I don't always stand around in offices, but when I do its sexy.

  • The doctor will see you now

    Nothing like a nurse outfit to make you feel better.

  • On the fence

    Awesome balance there

  • Disco balls

    My eyes are closed, still good though.

  • Death

    Back in Toxian City I did a roleplay of Blueray being possessed by Death, one of the four Horsemen of the Apocolypse. This is an updated version of the possession avatar I used.

  • Come to bed

    Bedroom eyes

  • Glamour and Sluagh

    Glamour and true forms of the Sluagh fae Ren

  • Ren and Blue/Glamour

    Glamoured forms of Ren and Blue

  • Ren and Blue/True forms

    True forms of Ren and Blue

  • Matias

    Sssh he sleeping

  • Kitties and Dragon

    Ashe, Nesta and me

  • Glamour and Dragon

    For use in Requiem. Glamoured and Non glamoured versions of my character there.

  • Matias the cuddlebug

    Two of us cuddling on Matias

  • Close to my heart

    Myself and guardee/pet Ro (Momo)

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