Chris Emmert's photos

Mosaic Garden Stones

New style of heart /with flower. Inventory for upcoming shows. Website || Etsy || Facebook ____________

Lavender Mosaic Heart Garden Stone

The largest heart I've done so far. 10" x 16" x 5" Weighs in at 28 Pounds. Guess I'll keep it for myself since it won't fit in a flat rate box. Website || Etsy || Facebook ____________

Red Mosaic Heart with Yellow Flower Garden Stone

Large 12" x 12" Pennsylvania Blue Stone with sheet glass, beads, and gems. Weighs 19# Website || Etsy || Facebook ____________

Mosaic Garden Stones & Paperweights

Some new hearts, birds, flowers and a moon. Copper and red caravan. Website || Etsy || Facebook ____________

Newest crop of Mosaic Rock Art / Garden Stones and Paperweights

The new apple style in green/copper and teal/copper. 4 are done with the tinted green tempered glass so you can see the stone underneath. All the hearts are sold. Green apple -sold Teal apple -available Website || Etsy || Facebook ____________

Mosaic on Rock - Wedding Stone

A Wedding Gift. Commissioned. Bronze Mirror glass, gold ball chain, red and pinks sheet glass on heart shaped Pennsylvania Blue Stone. Etched names and date. 11" x 12" x 2½" Website || Etsy || Facebook ____________