happibug's photos

  • little darlings taking shape ...

    A week of airbrushing! Basic colors are all done ... now for handpainted details, chips, haircuts, outfits ... so much fun getting them all ready!

  • relaxing at the pool ...

    ... a little break from sewing sparkly helmets for Blythecon! We hope you have a lovely weekend!

  • Fiona, the apple girl

    This is the design for my custom blythe donation for Blythecon 2013 --- Fiona, the Apple girl. She'll be a fully customized little happibug with a swingy bob cut into brunette hair, and she'll wear a sweet bubble dress of silk blythecon fabric, and a sequ…

  • My interview is up!

    Thank you, Erica, for publishing my interview on blythecon2013.com! It was lots of fun to do it!

  • mira

    a custom Prairie Posie made for my friend Chris (Funkypunkey). Mira's name is derived from Mara, a celtic name meaning the sea, the ocean. The ever changing sea is in her heart. Long walks on the beach, gathering shells ... dreaming as she watches the c…

  • this was my little vacation girl I made to take with me ... she loves the outdoors and visiting the mushrooms that grow in the forest!

  • Blythefest - Blythecon Australia donation

    This set is my donation for Blythefest -- a happy pink star resting on glittering blue clouds, and a coordinating bubble dress. Have a wonderful time at the event, everyone!!

  • Blythecon Europe donation

    This set is my donation for Blythecon Europe - "Cumulous Cuteness" :D Have a great time at your convention!

  • We're here!

    Hi, friends! I'm on the road now, but please add me & I'll add you back as soon as possible! Thanks, Melacacia, for your help to figure this out!