Elizabeth Boyette's photos

  • Time to meet the cats

    Here's Nellie, my white beauty, with Bianca, a Dollndoll Shade.

  • Charlie resting

  • Blue being exotic.

  • Queen Nellie

    My Nellie. Nellie and I have similar contours.

  • 20110202 5

    Charlie on chaise

  • 20110121 44

    Blue exercising.

  • 010

    Two little all-bisque painted eye antique sisters, under 4" tall. One obviously needs a wig. They are visiting in Pansy and Truffle's house.

  • 006

    Lady Seraphina and Lady Arabella Pepperdine, with Mousie Antoinette.

  • 014

    Delilah Noir in her Renaissance dress and pearl-bordered cap.

  • 011

    Helen Kish Wren in her Chinese-influenced summer outfit.

  • 009

    Berenguer tiny baby with her toy pig.

  • 007

    My redheads: Dollndoll Shade (Bianca) holding Petite AI Uriel (Madelaine) in her pink bonnet and matching smocked dress.

  • 001

    Dollfactory bjds Pansy and Truffle in their crocheted hats and dresses.