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Alan H

Posted on 07/16/2013

Photo taken on July  6, 2013

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Manchester Wordsquare

Manchester Wordsquare
This Latin inscription may be the earliest evidence of Christianity in northern Britain. It reads ROTAS OPERA TENET AREPO SATOR or 'Arepo the sower guides the plough with care'. The words read the same from left to right and right to left, as well as up and down. When re-arranged the letters form the words 'Pater Noster' or 'Our Father' in the shape of a cross. The words are the start of the Christian Lord's Prayer. The wordsquare might have shown someone's faith at a time when Christians were being oppressed by the Roman authorities. Others, however, think that the wordsquare is simply a word puzzle!
Manchester Museum, Manchester, North West England.

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