return2layerroad's photos

  • Norfolk Green 316 1335hrs Wells-next-the-Sea to Cromer 230513

    With a panorama of the North Sea and the shingle bank sea defences in the background, Norfolk Green 316 climbs up from Salthouse heading for Cromer.

  • Norfolk Green 301 1318hrs Cromer to Wells-next-the-Sea 230513

    Taken into the light between Kelling Cross and Salthouse we see vehicle 301 heading towards Wells-next-the-Sea on the above Coasthopper journey.

  • Norfolk Green 303 1318hrs Sheringham to Wells-next-the-Sea 230513

    This view is taken from the same spot as that used for the previous shot of Norfolk Green vehicle 304, but looking in the opposite direction. The gorse makes a wonderful show against the blue sky.

  • Norfolk Green 304 1305hrs Wells-next-the-Sea to Cromer 230513

    The above journey on Coasthopper caught by the camera near to Walsey Hills Reserve between Cley-next-the-Sea and Salthouse. Note the low flying Wood Pigeon

  • Time to Change

    Description to follow soon.